CNY Pics…

oklar… come come update a bit of the chinese new year pics… showing the cute nephew in the house and also my lengleng family… =)

so cute hor, he was eating his prawn cracker, then i forced him to PEACE to take pic… kekekekekeke… he is Jonathan… =)

the 3 piggie brothers and sister… wakkakakakakaka… they are my 17 years old twin brothers from left to right, Pin, me and Chuen… *damn, my eye bags + dark eye rings*

my daddie + mommie… jefrrey and ann chin~~ KEKEKEKEKKE… they both wearing the new tops that i bought from melbourne ooorrrhhh… leng leh~~~~ *you cant say NO*


Chor 2…

when i was happily studying for my coming exam, then i saw the 3 gamblers, my dad and 2 brothers playing chor dai dee… and my dad said ‘eh… ask that waterfish to come over’… WTF… k lor then i went to be waterfish for the first 2 rounds… when it came to the 3rd round… i holding my cards until my dad laughed at me saying that i would get FRIED… and when he was happily flashing his ‘tong fa shun’… he was so prepared to collect 2bucks from each person… but then when i put the bigger tong fa shun, he went speechless edi… HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHA… then i won 6bucks just for that…!! and it’s rare to see tong fa shun, but there are 2 sets… it’s really really rare… damn syiok seeing my dad’s face turning from =D to =( *grinz*

then during night time… guess what… another yumcha session… but tonight was at nathan’s corner… wahlaoyehh… chor 1 yumcha, chor 2 yumcha… hopefully that i am not going to yumcha again tomorrow man!! *no lifenyer*



today i had a… erm… kinda abnormal yumcha session with some abnormal people and abnormal connection…

firstly, this lenglui SKY asked me to go yumcha… then at the same time was talking to saihoe on msn… and told him about it… once he heard LENGLUI… he immediately said that he wanna join… then my brothers also wanna join… so 5 of us, while i know all of them but they didnt know each other… *weird*

when we reached kiven’s corner, started off with an introduction… who knows, they found that SKY and saihoe actually from the same secondary school!! then they started to talk about their friends… me and my brothers were like listeners… after some time, they talked about this guy, ANSON… and then… my brothers went like ‘eh i know him also’… i was like *WTF*… then it’s my turn to be the only STONER… *grrrrrrrrrrrrr* what a small world…

then when they found out that actually anson was at steven’s corner, then we moved from kiven’s to steven’s… the table got so weird… like…

SKY –> anson –> ex lovers
brothers –> anson –> basketball friends
saihoe –> anson –> car racing friends
me –> anson –> no relationship

SKY –> brothers –> saihoe –> no relationship

ok… it got even more weird when… the table left me and sky continue chatting… while… my brothers and saihoe went for snoker!! *WTF* so friend edi one!! dengzzzzzzzz… then also on the way back… i got kicked to sit at the back seat… *GRRRRRRRRRRRRR*

this is the lesson… i am not bringing my brothers out anymore!!


Happy WoofWoof Year!

it’s chinese new year again!! and it’s the WoofWoof’s year!! awwwwwww… now Beckham in my house can be the king edi… aiseh… all of us sure nomore power edi…

a small note to those people who MIGHT be coming to my house to get angpows… you need to shakehand with beckham then only can get angpow oorrhh… this is the rule of the woofwoof year… =)

well… the first part of year 2006 wasnt good to me… and hopefully that this DOGGIE can change my luck for this year ler… *beckham!!*

hope that the doggie gonna woof all dreams come true… everything in the best wooof… *woof*



Note: this entry might offend you, if you feel offended, I am sorry. But, I am not doing it on pupose… thanks for understanding…. And yea, this may sound a bit too childish of arguing over a small matter, but I am damn pissed of someone putting the blame on me for nothing! And yea, people asked me not to fight with a small kid… but why small kid thinks that he is damn good huh?

First of all, I feel offended by someone calling me a BULLSHITTER while I didn’t tell a single crap, in fact all truths… and the first thing came into my mind was ANGER and then SADNESS… I somehow think that he is so pitiful… he is either having all sad friends with those normal original cars… or having too little friends… or he is just being jealous… The point is… why should I lie? And of course you have your right to believe me or not… but not calling me a bullshitter and denying my words since you don’t even know the truth, UNLESS you can prove me wrong…

There are so many these cars on the street and what’s the big deal if I know some of them? They are humans too!! You don’t know anyone driving a skyline? You don’t know anyone driving a mod merz? You don’t know anyone driving a mod kancil? You don’t know anyone driving a Honda? You don’t know anyone driving an evo? You don’t know anyone driving a mod corolla? Ok… you don’t, but doesn’t mean that I don’t too!! I don’t own these cars, why should I brag?

And if I was telling you something like ‘my friend said…’ and I already said that I don’t know anything besides what my friend told me… and if you don’t believe it or think that’s a bullshit… dont you think that you should say that my friend is the bullshitter instead of me?

Come to think of it… it’s time for you to go out to make more new friends… know more people… don’t just stuck in your normal-car-friends-world… and you want me to show you pics to prove that? OH NO!! you must be one that from jungle who hasn’t seen cars before eh? I asked you to meet them and you didn’t want to… are you afraid of facing the truth? *Awwwwwww* poor boy, stop surfing ZTH already, they are all bullshitters talking about their nice cars on the internet, and you wouldn’t believe them… I will be nice to you if you don’t mind knowing my bullshit friends… they are all nice people… with nice cars too =) but, if you still think that cars can only be original… then fine, you are just too SHALLOW~


Keith Boy…

a big big hug to keith… =) ehhehe… thankx for temaning me to the bank oorhh~~ *so nice* yea… he fetched me to the bank near sogo, and knowing that it would be damn jam since everyone is rushing for last minute shopping, so i suggested to take LRT there… but then he didnt want, so i WARNED him that he couldnt get angry and started complaining IF there was any traffic jam…

basically, everywhere was jam jam jam… and then he took damn big route to sogo without jam but… after consuming 1 hour of time… i kept looking at his face see whether if he was showing UGLY FACES… *HAHAHAHA* when he started complaining then i would look at him and *OI* him then he got nothing to say edi… =P

then we saw the bank FINALLY!! but then… couldnt find the parking… *grrrrrrr* went to round and round to look for the parking again… *LRT is good sometimes* at last, reached the bank… but this damn bank’s workers, either chatting happily or this dont know that dont know… then treated me like a BALL, being kicked here and there… damn angry!! ma de, ACTIVATING ACCOUNT also so blardee mafan… *shakehead*

then there was this old-uncle-security-guard, damn funny one… we were wondering what’s his ACTUAL position actually… as he acted like he damn powderful in the bank man… he could just simply ask people to go to this counter that counter while people actually holding the number tickets and waiting for their numbers to be called… it’s even funnier when he came to me and looked at my ‘213’ then he took away my ‘213’ and gave me a ‘210’… HAHAHAHAHAH… *gengnyer* maybe he is the CEO… =P

another hour, finally gao dim… the this lady kept saying sorrie to us… and it was damn funny when she said sorrie to keith…

lady: sorry ar gentleman for waiting so long…
keith: *smile*
lady: wah so nice, waited so long can still smile, so patience wor…
keith: *smile again*
lady: you are her bf?
keith: *shakehead*
lady: brother?
keith: *shakehead again*
lady: just friend?
keith: no lar, we just got to know each other today…
lady + me: *WTF*

at 3pm, finally could go to have lunch edi… damn hungry~~~~!!


this morning, i was sitting at metropolitan’s cafeteria waiting for my 830am class… then i went to buy myself a maggie goreng for breakfast… then this uncle mamak talked to me…

uncle: which course are you studying, rmit or curtin?
me: curtin…
uncle: are you from australia?
me: *HUH* how you know?
uncle: come on lar, i can tell the CLASS from the FACE…
me: ???

oh well… so i have this… australian-class-face? *ROFL*





just back from class… now gotta blog about this incident happened in my kitchen this morning…

i was happily knocking the eggs, opening them, pouring them into my bowl… *yeay* what a healthy breakie!! EGGS!! then my mom was standing beside me looking at me… there the story started…

me: what?
mom: you know how to open an egg already?
me: OF COZ LAR!!
mom: last time you didnt know how to do it one wor…
me: i GROWING older already mar and i learn things too!!
mom: been overseas a while so smart already ar…
me: *WTF* hey, please dont tell people about this ok… last time when i told people that i didnt know how to FRY AN EGG only, everyone laughing like mad edi… now this is even more terrible…




oh well… basically, the questions that start with WHEN are kinda scary to me nowadays…

WHEN are you graduating…? *pissed* memang dont like to answer this question…

WHEN are you coming back…? *grrrrrrrrr* people been asking me this question when i was still in melbourne and some still asking until recently even i already back…!!!!

WHEN are you going back…? haihzz… another very difficult to answer question… sometimes i hope to go back later… sometimes i wish to leave earlier… haiihzzz… i also dont know what i want and what to do…

WHEN are you coming back AGAIN…? WOW!! this is another god knows question… haihzzzzzzzzzzz… i dont even know whether i should come back again or not… =(

i wanna ask… WHEN will i die?



i dont know why… i always feel hungry all the time… and when i see food, i would go EAT EAT EAT EAT!! then… after a while, i would start yelling ‘DAMN FULL, WANNA VOMIT’… ok, that’s my routine daily life…

last time i would never feel hungry even i didnt eat anything… but then nowadays, i eat breakfast and i will get hungry very soon… so i decided to eat HEAVY breakfast… i ate noodles this morning, early morning i mean… at 630am!! and then with a cup of coffee… damn filling… who knows… few hours later, HUNGRY EDI!!! *pokkaizzz* irritatingnyer…

and so i told my mom that i need to eat RICE every morning in order not to get hungry so fast… and she went on telling me this fact…

AnnChin says:
I think too much worms inside…..they make u naughty….lazy…..angry…. not lovely…..etc


what does that gotta do with the WORMS weik… worms so geng one eh? can make one naughty, lazy, angry, not lovely… duh… CRAPPIE!!!!

by the way, i think i seriously need to drink SHIELDTOX to kill the worms in me… =(


Happy 21st Birthday!!

yeay!! come come, let’s sing~~!! happy birthday to yongyuan, happy birthday to yongyuan, happy birthday to yongyuan, happy birthday to yongyuan… *clap clap* my dearest fattiest cousin is now 21 years old edi!! yes yes yes!! she is now an adult!! anyone interested?? dont worry, you wont be liable =X *oooppsss*

anyway, it was a lame party we had in this rented 2 rooms serviced apartment ‘the zon’ on jalan ampang… erm… it’s big enough, everything is ok, but… it doesnt look classy… *argghhh* nvm, good value for money lar… around 18 people went, with balloons, food, drinks, snacks, karaoke DVDs, dvd-player-that-i-carried-to… and also… ALCOHOL LAR!! ma de, damn alcoholics man!! i saw like… 4 bottles of wine, 1 bottle of chivas, 1 bottle of vsop, and 1 bottle of black label… *siaoz* but but but… haiihhhzzzz… i was sad, as i had to go home early for next morning’s class… so bad that i couldnt join the drunking session… =( and just because that i couldnt stay there, so i missed out the buffet breakfast also… *wawawawawawawawaaaaaa*

poor me… gotta wake up so damn early this morning… =( i was damn sleepie when my alarm woke me up… and at that very moment, my brain told me to continue sleeping… telling me to FARK THAT CLASS lar… then i replied ‘roger’ so i conitnued sleeping… but but but… i felt so guilty for that, so i decided to wake up to continue being the same old GOOD GIRL =) but i was fishing in the class ALL THE TIME… and this lecturer damn blardee fool one… kept asking me questions… but somehow, i also dont know what had happened to me… i basically managed to answer those what-the-fark-are-you-asking questions with some how-the-hell-i-know-what-is-that answers… later, she commented our class is with some TOTALLY asleep students and with some PARTIALLY asleep students… i think i am one of the partially ones… *aiskz*

tired… wanna sleep… tonight? any plan?