Happy WoofWoof Year!

it’s chinese new year again!! and it’s the WoofWoof’s year!! awwwwwww… now Beckham in my house can be the king edi… aiseh… all of us sure nomore power edi…

a small note to those people who MIGHT be coming to my house to get angpows… you need to shakehand with beckham then only can get angpow oorrhh… this is the rule of the woofwoof year… =)

well… the first part of year 2006 wasnt good to me… and hopefully that this DOGGIE can change my luck for this year ler… *beckham!!*

hope that the doggie gonna woof all dreams come true… everything in the best wooof… *woof*

2 replies on “Happy WoofWoof Year!”

Wish you Horse come job done!
Year Year Got Fish!
Gold Jade Full Hall!
Smile mouth always open
Step Step tall up!
Out In Safety!
Money Roll Roll Come!!!
Gong Xi Fah Chai !!

same to you lar… but then… you damn idiot lar… gulengz also you, n305er also you, susu also you… ma de!!

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