Note: this entry might offend you, if you feel offended, I am sorry. But, I am not doing it on pupose… thanks for understanding…. And yea, this may sound a bit too childish of arguing over a small matter, but I am damn pissed of someone putting the blame on me for nothing! And yea, people asked me not to fight with a small kid… but why small kid thinks that he is damn good huh?

First of all, I feel offended by someone calling me a BULLSHITTER while I didn’t tell a single crap, in fact all truths… and the first thing came into my mind was ANGER and then SADNESS… I somehow think that he is so pitiful… he is either having all sad friends with those normal original cars… or having too little friends… or he is just being jealous… The point is… why should I lie? And of course you have your right to believe me or not… but not calling me a bullshitter and denying my words since you don’t even know the truth, UNLESS you can prove me wrong…

There are so many these cars on the street and what’s the big deal if I know some of them? They are humans too!! You don’t know anyone driving a skyline? You don’t know anyone driving a mod merz? You don’t know anyone driving a mod kancil? You don’t know anyone driving a Honda? You don’t know anyone driving an evo? You don’t know anyone driving a mod corolla? Ok… you don’t, but doesn’t mean that I don’t too!! I don’t own these cars, why should I brag?

And if I was telling you something like ‘my friend said…’ and I already said that I don’t know anything besides what my friend told me… and if you don’t believe it or think that’s a bullshit… dont you think that you should say that my friend is the bullshitter instead of me?

Come to think of it… it’s time for you to go out to make more new friends… know more people… don’t just stuck in your normal-car-friends-world… and you want me to show you pics to prove that? OH NO!! you must be one that from jungle who hasn’t seen cars before eh? I asked you to meet them and you didn’t want to… are you afraid of facing the truth? *Awwwwwww* poor boy, stop surfing ZTH already, they are all bullshitters talking about their nice cars on the internet, and you wouldn’t believe them… I will be nice to you if you don’t mind knowing my bullshit friends… they are all nice people… with nice cars too =) but, if you still think that cars can only be original… then fine, you are just too SHALLOW~

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