Keith Boy…

a big big hug to keith… =) ehhehe… thankx for temaning me to the bank oorhh~~ *so nice* yea… he fetched me to the bank near sogo, and knowing that it would be damn jam since everyone is rushing for last minute shopping, so i suggested to take LRT there… but then he didnt want, so i WARNED him that he couldnt get angry and started complaining IF there was any traffic jam…

basically, everywhere was jam jam jam… and then he took damn big route to sogo without jam but… after consuming 1 hour of time… i kept looking at his face see whether if he was showing UGLY FACES… *HAHAHAHA* when he started complaining then i would look at him and *OI* him then he got nothing to say edi… =P

then we saw the bank FINALLY!! but then… couldnt find the parking… *grrrrrrr* went to round and round to look for the parking again… *LRT is good sometimes* at last, reached the bank… but this damn bank’s workers, either chatting happily or this dont know that dont know… then treated me like a BALL, being kicked here and there… damn angry!! ma de, ACTIVATING ACCOUNT also so blardee mafan… *shakehead*

then there was this old-uncle-security-guard, damn funny one… we were wondering what’s his ACTUAL position actually… as he acted like he damn powderful in the bank man… he could just simply ask people to go to this counter that counter while people actually holding the number tickets and waiting for their numbers to be called… it’s even funnier when he came to me and looked at my ‘213’ then he took away my ‘213’ and gave me a ‘210’… HAHAHAHAHAH… *gengnyer* maybe he is the CEO… =P

another hour, finally gao dim… the this lady kept saying sorrie to us… and it was damn funny when she said sorrie to keith…

lady: sorry ar gentleman for waiting so long…
keith: *smile*
lady: wah so nice, waited so long can still smile, so patience wor…
keith: *smile again*
lady: you are her bf?
keith: *shakehead*
lady: brother?
keith: *shakehead again*
lady: just friend?
keith: no lar, we just got to know each other today…
lady + me: *WTF*

at 3pm, finally could go to have lunch edi… damn hungry~~~~!!


this morning, i was sitting at metropolitan’s cafeteria waiting for my 830am class… then i went to buy myself a maggie goreng for breakfast… then this uncle mamak talked to me…

uncle: which course are you studying, rmit or curtin?
me: curtin…
uncle: are you from australia?
me: *HUH* how you know?
uncle: come on lar, i can tell the CLASS from the FACE…
me: ???

oh well… so i have this… australian-class-face? *ROFL*



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