what a bombastic weekend i had~~~ a very interesting LAVISH night with so damn many people around… together with 1x tequila shot and 3x 151 shots with some sips of beer and some sips of whisky… it’s a good amount for me man!! the not-so-sober and not-so-drunk kinda tipsy level… damn cool!! and i finally met up with this cute lil girl LING *muacks*… the fun night ended at 330am… then we headed back to my darling’s place and i as usual continued talking on the phone till 530am…

i woke up at 715am after a 1.5 hours sleep TO GO TO WORK!! *wooohoooo* please call me a super girl… or a SUPERPIG will do… i was walking like FLOATING, couldnt concentrate on my views… fuwah… damn syiok man working with this kinda feeling… HAHHAHAHAHA… there were some times that i entered numbers wrongly to the cashier machine, like i entered 1234 instead of 1243… *bahhhh* luckily nobody noticed… =P

and then i went for a FREE DINNER!! *wakkakakakakakak* thankx VIVIAN *muacks* she invited me to have bak kut teh + chicken at her place…although the bak kut teh was really *aherm*, anyway, i appreaciate your effort… thankx yea… and i was so sleepy till i slept on the bed while everyone was watching commonwealth games on the TV… till my phone rang, and i knew that i couldnt have any chance to continue sleeping anymore… went to COOKIE for drinks, i had this SOHO with LEMONADE… damn yummie~~~!!! then went to strike to play pool… *sleepynyer* finally we went back to darling cheryl’s place to SLEEP…

it’s a sunny sunday… very warm… but i am feeling sleepy and it’s another working day tomorrow!! dont know whether i should be happy or sad… *ouch*

anyway, thankx to the people again!! met quite a few new friends, cayvian, huishan, jessica, audrey, jasmine, yvonne, perry, SS… and also ben and jay… nice to meet you all~~ =)

my babies…

baby yuan and i…

sweehoe, andrea, wilmin, me, cheryl, paklun and danny…

me, yvonne, cheryl, munyee, huishan, cayvian, yuan and voon…

you say it’s SCANDALICIOUS?

and i wonder… who was the photographer… damn freaking free nothing better to do huh~~~

he is JAY, a korean guy…

BEN, a malaysian-aussie… he was kinda nice that night, but… he has started to become an idiot teasing me all night long now…


HAppy Birthday to Susy!!

who is susy leh? she is my lady boss lor!! it was my first time meeting her, she is DAMN PRETTY!! gorgeous!! sweet!! soft spoken!! she looks like a japanese man!! but she is an indonesian…

anyway, it’s some sort like a gathering for employees and employers from Better Choice… also Better Choice’s 1st year anniversary dinner… as well as susy’s birthday~~~ so leh… the dinner was GREAT man!! i was also invited although i only worked there for like 3 days? ahhahaha… good timing…

we had oysters, pigeons, lobsters and other dishes too… damn yummy!! i love the lobsters noodle man!! DAMN TASTY weik!! i mean the noodle, yea i only like the noodle with the taste of lobsters… i didnt eat much of the lobsters… as… i was too lazy to eat them, hard work man peeling off the shell!! *no thankiew* 7 pounds of lobsters, i think that dish should cost around 300bucks… yummmmmmmm~~~ and also a LOVE SHAPED mango gateau!! so romanticnyer~~~ and then my boss sent me back after everything… so nice yea… i shall work harder now…


anyway, i finally had a nice good sleep after 3 nights of business… i slept for 10 hours before going for my test yesterday… i slept at 11pm and thought of waking up at 4am, the alarm rang and then i changed to 7am, it rang again and then i changed to 10am… and hey, i woke up before 10am SATISFIEDLY… *wooohoooo* poor jeff called during the night but i was sleeping and i didnt bother waking up myself to talk to him… HAHAHHA… poor boy…

the test was ridiculous man… all 6 questions look similar to me… HAHAHHAHA… and thus… all 6 answers also quite similar… =P

luckily i am not working today… and thus… yea, we chatted from 1230am till this morning 530am… which included the talk time i carried forward from the night before… *wakkakakakakak*

and i guess… tonight will be another clubbing night~~ wooohoooo~~~



i am FINALLY back from work and suffering from back pain and feet pain… *sobsob* i worked from 9am-7pm man!! it’s freaking 10 hours of standing… *ouch* stupid SABRINA lar!! my shift was actually only 9am-2pm but she was sick and i had to replace her… maaaaaaaaaa… that’s really really tiring… not only standing, but talking and smiling… iiisssshhhh… for your information, my job is basically SELLING SMILE, i have to smile all the time, and to SEDUCE those hamsup guys… i have to smile even HAPPIER when they say that i look cute, my smile is charming, i look good… must smile even MUCH HAPPIER + a lil bit of SHYSHY when they hold my hand… *bahhhhhh* i shall request for salary increment!!

p/s: not that i really look that good, but ANY girl is that good to them, because they are HAMSUP LOUS!!

because of that, i didnt get to take a nap… so sleepy… A HUGE THANK to JEFF CHEE!! because of him, i had only slept for not more than 8 hours in TOTAL for the past 3 NIGHTS!! we have been chatting on the phone for hours during the night… and i slept at 5am this morning and woke up at 7am… I AM A SUPERGIRL!! and the worst thing is… i am having a test tomorrow… *farked up edi*

today’s work was quite fun… basically, i was chatting with billy most of the time, as the business wasnt really good and it wasnt busy… so yea, we kept talking non-stop… *fun* and then there was this aussie BOY wrote his number to me and asked me to call him, and he will bring me out for dinner… i told him that I WILL when i dont have money to go for dinner… but i already threw away his number into the bin *wakkakakakakaka* =P

after a while, roger, my boss came back with this BUNNY HAIR BAND… looks cute and my hands were itchy so i put them on my head… and there was this customer laughed at me, SO DAMN BAD!! but nevermind, i am always a JOKER… people happy then i am happy lor… HEHE =P and roger asked me to stand outside the shop to attract more customers… what a retarded suggestion!!

just finished eating my meehoon soup + fish tofu + minced meat + choi sum… damn yummilicious~~~ thankx fatty yuan *muacks*

suddenly found this pic in my phone… ahhahaha… taken last friday =)

HEHE… the BUNNY-ERICCA at work… =P


Real Sadness…

well… people usually think that i am always happy… that i am having a good life, nothing to worry… have friends around me and with so many interesting plans going on and on… I LOOK HAPPY…

yea, that’s true, that’s what i want people to see from me… i mean, it’s no point to show people how sad i am, while telling them wont change the situation a bit… beside listening to ‘dont worry’, ‘it’ll be fine’, ‘things cant be changed’… blablabla… yea, i know… so basically i dont need anyone to tell me about it, so i decided not to tell though… the only way is to act happy and make people happy…

but sometimes when things go really wrong, and really depressed… i feel better voicing it out, but i try not to do so… as i dont want to bother other people with my problems… so, if anyone so unluckily being SELECTED to be my listener… sorry man i would say, as that’s the time that i seriously wanna voice out, else i think i would go *pooooooooof* and *gone*

and yea, i am feeling down now… and yea, i know that basically i cant do much… but… i am just feeling unwell… =(


today was my first day working in Better Choice… it’s known as a GIFT SHOP, it has so many things, from towels, toys, food, ciggies, cutlery, trolleys… even BONGs too!! it’s something like those 2-dollars-shops that look kinda dodgy and no-class… but heck, it’s on the infamous CHAPEL ST man!! sounds high class already… *grinz* the work was alright, people are all nice people… pretty easy job BESIDE that i have to memorise like ALL KIND OF CIGGIES available in the shop… it’s such a tough task, especially a non-smoker like me… they have like so many freaking hell brands from all over the world… from the famous ones like marlboro, dunhill, B&H to horizon, winfield, holiday… even some indonesian brand, china brand like double happiness? *wtf* dont worry about the brands… in fact, the craziest is to recognise the sizes and the colors, as well as the ALTERNATIVE names for each of them *pengsan*

OH by the way, there is this hongkong brand ciggy with FRUITS flavoured… i was like *WOW*… so CoOoOOOoOOoOoL!! strawberry flavoured with pink color packaging and even the ciggy itself is PINK color!! *weeeeheeeeee* and it smells like a strawberry stick too!! there is this urge in me saying that ‘I WANT TO LEARN SMOKING NOW’… just because of these cutie ciggies… and i think… those are suitable for KIDS!! *HAHAHHAAHA*

most of the things were fine… oh yea, they have staff price too, which is a 50% off!! *yeay* i didnt know it at first but i already wanted to buy something as i need those things and the prices are cheap enough… and WHO KNOWS!! 50% discount!! woohoooo~~~ that made them even cheaper… *syiokkkkkkkkkkk* and my boss said ‘wah, first day working and you already started buying things’… =P

now, i am tired like farks… i only slept for 3 hours last night… 1st thing was because i was trying to force myself to sleep but couldnt sleep at all… then this JEFF CHEE called *another NEW JEFF, this is like the nth JEFF in my life since MY DAD the JEFF CHIN*… talking nonstop for 1.5 hours… *ouch* already around 4am and worst was I STILL NOT SLEEPY!! i then had to count those sheeps one by one in order to get me to sleep *shiatzzzzzzz*

ok… time to sleepz… tomorrow still have to work… i am now a girl who earns for her own living… my mom doesnt give me allowance anymore… i am now VERY TIGHT!! in other words, i am POOR!! =( *nightz*


As Usual de Weekend lor…

another weekend… as usual, went to the city to have dinner in LING NAM *again*… but luckily with different people at least… cheryl, yuan, henry, arvoon and me… 5 of us had 5 dishes which is very the super filling!! at first, we only wanted 4 dishes, but this stupid restaurant set a MINIMUM charges of 18bucks/head… *ma de*

as usual, we always ask ‘what are we doing later?’… this proves that we are living in MELBORED… meanwhile, sam and weisheng joined the FUN… after hours of discussion, we were still discussing in cheryl’s place cam-whoring, shitting, msning… and… we watched a VERY LOW QUALITY PORN!! damn joker man the director of this porn… funny like hell~~~ so fake de porn… *ishhh* we wanted to go for a K session but as expected, NOMORE ROOM!! so, we finally moved our asses to go to BLVD, known as the MOST HAPPENING asian night on saturday recently… so well, went lor… and damn it as i was only in my dinner-only-attire-with-sneakers… wahlao, damn ugly lar going clubbing that way, but no choice also… *sobsob*

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!! really very happening man this BVLD, the queue already damn long when we reached at 1130pm… and we saw quite some people that we know, it seems like everyone loves this place huh… then wilmin, danny and paklun joined too… 1.5 hours later, we were told that it’s FULL HOUSE!! wooohooooo~~~ what an effort that we had made, and we couldnt get it in the end… *WTF*

and at this time, jimmy and phuiyen came from KAMPUNG… so the 10 of us had another discussion AGAIN… at last, wilmin, danny and paklun decided to go to the casino… while the rest of us decided to go the aussie club… ODEON! it’s bad, live band + odor… *vomits* then when we were on the way back, cheryl, yuan and i were walking on the street and there were SO MANY drunkards on the street, and they were really funny and weird… HAHHAHAHA… interesting journey home =P

in conclusion, we had a bad weekend… =( but at least, it’s such a GATHERING… people from kampung came, people from long lost planet came… not too bad though… i think, it’s good enough that we could finally meet up in one group… *cheers*

the girls!! yuan, arvoon, me, cheryl…

my darling and i…

the babies…

me and arvoon… my friend, eevoon’s sister… =)

auntie SAM and me…

idiot weisheng!! what kinda face is that man!! taking pic with a CUTE GIRL man!! ishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh =P


P/S: eehui, i passed by that restaurant again last night, it’s called BEARBRASS =P


Miss Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

ok lar ok lar… since you guys so like me to miss you~~~~

i miss my dear cheryl, because she has gone missing for 1+ years… didnt bother to see me… she wants me to continue missing her… what to do… I MISS CHERYL OOI~

i miss my melbourne’s MOMMIE, alice!! nobody rushing me to shower, nobody reminding me things, nobody walking in and out of my room, nobody ‘ERICCAAAAAA’ me, nobody waking me up, nobody telling me that my room is messy… blablabla… I MISS ALICE CHONG!!

i miss lennis for sure… nomore zhanshen because zhanshen in uk, nomore zeno because zeno working… so lennis had become my driver most of the time… KEKE… thankiew and sorrie lar that i always be the lamp post… forgive me ok!! and also thankx for building the chicken ala kingdom for me!! I MISS LENNIS ER~~~ *wakkakakakakkakakakakakaka* damn, i cant stop laughing at this name!!

who else wanna be in the list…? anymore anymore?



zhanshen… told ya, this is gonna happen… ishhhhh… how i wish that i can be one like what you expected…

me myself expected that i could easily ACCIDENTALLY let go… how i wish that i still hanging there missing him… aiskzzz… but then, how come ar!! so fast lar this time!! shiatzzzz… and now i am bored!! because i have nobody to miss… MaAaaAaAaAaAaaAa~~

i think i should try to get another person for me to miss edi… but… lazy leh… should i try to miss back the previous one? but no feeling edi wor… DAMN IT!!


what a boring life i am having… lack of achievements, lack of love, lack of meaning, lack of money, lack of excitements, lack of surprised, lack of… LIFE!! NO LIFE!!



after a wild celebration from 12am of 12th march until 4am… reached home at 5am… then stupidly msn chatting with Benny, Adrian, Keith and SaiHoe until 7am… then only happily went to bed when i saw the sun… then stupid Harvey called me early in the morning at 11am… bahhh… conclusion, i only had 4 hours of sleep!! *yawnzzzzz*

there jie, yuan and me decided to go to the BEACH since it was like 38 degrees!! freaking hot!! i could feel that my skin burning under the sun *ouch* but well, it’s a cool experience having a drink by the beach, looking at bikini girls *wooohoooo*

and then we headed to southgate to have dinner with weisheng, sam and cheryl too!! southgate is a quite nice place for dinner, they have restaurants for fine dining… but… we went there with pasar-malam-look and beach-look… all with shorts and slippers… HAHHAHAHAHA… damn odd weik!!

my dinner was SUCKY, i only ate all the SPAGHETTI in my plate and left all the other-things-beside-spaghetti in the plate… *burp* and then the BOMB of the night came to me out of a sudden, a red color thingie was presented in front of me… my LOVELIEST DARLING CHERYL bought me a drink… it’s BLOODY MARY!! HOW SWEEEEEEEEEEET!! but the taste went like… SPICY + SALTY!! i tasted tabasco sauce and pepper ONLY!! what a cocktail, really COCKY!! i almost puked man!! and cheryl was too sweet as she only gave me 10 minutes to finish it, else i would have to pick up a guy in the restaurant *again* what to do, i had to hold my breathe, MUST NOT taste it man, and quickly had it done within 10 minutes and then diluted it with iced peach tea… *phew*

finally, the desserts’ time!! black forest gateau!! *yeay* but it was damn embarrassing that they sang the birthday song VERY TERRIBLY so that people were looking at us… *hides* shy lar me!!

after that we went to Transport, a bar to have drinks *again*… i was damn tired and sleepy… finally it’s time to go home at 1am… happy… and yea, end of my birthday celebration~~~~ thanks people!! =)

I LIKE THIS LIL BOY!! so cute~~~ *muacks* but this JIE ar… what a BAD photographer… haiihzzzz… *the man on the far left is the boy’s daddy*

i am the beatchie girl… =P

the so-called MISS-HONGKONG-POSE~~

me and jie in the restaurant posing *again*

the BLOODY MARY that the BLOODY CHERYL bought…

ingredients: vodka, tomato juice, lemon juice, tabsco sauce and worcestershire sauce…

MUST NOT TASTE!! HOLD!! *go go go*

me and my cake… =)


Happy 23rd Birthday!!

thankx for night my babes!!! specially thankx to my cousins, Teri Jie and Andrea aka YongYuan… then of course my darling Cheryl also lar!! and also those who went Publicity last night, May, Karen, WeiSheng, ShiangYuan, Sam, MunYee, and 2 other girls… *yeay* basically, last night was my first time meeting may, karen, sam and the 2 girls… HEHE, new friends *wooohooooooooo*

thankx Andrea for the JD coke and the bacardi 151, thankx Jie for the Chartreuse, thankx to stranger A for the black sambuca, thankx to stranger B for the mineral water… and thankx to myself for the martini + pina colada… what a drink mixer… bahhhhhhh… but that’s not the level that i wanna be… but, tried to control not to drink so much… alcohol is addictive!!

the night was great ler… people were having fun and we even had this game, picking up an opposite sex just to ask for his/her number, so damn funny!! girls and guys were all dancing happily… even danced with some strangers too, but i got annoyed when they started to be STICKY, and luckily i got SAM!! hahahhahaha… my HERO!! everytime i wanna run away from someone, i would get sam to dance with me, and then he would slowly bring me away from them… that’s so cool huh when you can go flirting and fishing around, then you can have your guy friends to bring you away when you have had enough of them… *evil* but there was this idiot-dont-know-who was dancing with me and then he made me fall and i kneeled down on the floor and my knee is bruised!! *grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr*

i think i am OLD edi… i was so tired the whole night and kept looking for space to SIT down… iiissshhh… besides, wearing heels to dance is an add-on tiring job, so i took off my heels!! HAHHAHAHA… i danced with my bare feet!! and i experienced the feeling of ‘SO GOOD’ till i didnt wanna wear them back!! KEKE… i felt so melbournised when i was walking with my bare feet on the street with my hand holding my heels… hahahahahaha… those aussies like to do so!!

pictures are up up up~~~

the people!! me, weisheng, cheryl, yuan, munyee, shiangyuan, jie

pretty cousins cum housemates~~~ MUACKS~~~

fatty yuan!! i wanna EAT YOU!!

weisheng and me…

my hero, sam!!

i like this pic!! hahahahhaa… both of us look so SHY… wakakkakaka~

my 3 most important babes! *muacks*

click here for more pictures~~~


Joker Mom of The Day…

woke up and happily chatting with my dearest mom, she really made my day man!! damn funny chatting with her… she is a JOKER!! *yeay* i thank MYSELF that my mom is cool at times, this is what she LEARNT from me…

she used to be very very strict and fierce… when she said 1+1=3 and you couldnt say it wrong… when you told her jokes, she wouldnt laugh and would ask you to talk less instead… but then, i have been brain washing her that she shouldnt be that way, been telling her that it’s better to have a friend-friend-relationship than a mother-daughter-relationship that at least, the situation can be better, we can discuss things better, more relaxing, and most importantly i feel happier to talk to her… as last time, i would try my best not to talk to her, else sure accidentally saying something wrong and would get scolding for that… but now, i LOVE to talk to her!! imagine if i were to talk to her like now in the past, probably i already got kicked out from the house long long time ago…

she is funny, she likes to ask nonsense questions… she sometimes asks me ‘back edi?’ when we are both AT HOME… and i usually answer her ‘NOT YET’… =P

she has gone nuts… she stole all my emoticons and using them on me!! the ‘GILA’ one, the ‘what the f*ck’ one, and the ‘pengsan’ one… ishhhhh…