As Usual de Weekend lor…

another weekend… as usual, went to the city to have dinner in LING NAM *again*… but luckily with different people at least… cheryl, yuan, henry, arvoon and me… 5 of us had 5 dishes which is very the super filling!! at first, we only wanted 4 dishes, but this stupid restaurant set a MINIMUM charges of 18bucks/head… *ma de*

as usual, we always ask ‘what are we doing later?’… this proves that we are living in MELBORED… meanwhile, sam and weisheng joined the FUN… after hours of discussion, we were still discussing in cheryl’s place cam-whoring, shitting, msning… and… we watched a VERY LOW QUALITY PORN!! damn joker man the director of this porn… funny like hell~~~ so fake de porn… *ishhh* we wanted to go for a K session but as expected, NOMORE ROOM!! so, we finally moved our asses to go to BLVD, known as the MOST HAPPENING asian night on saturday recently… so well, went lor… and damn it as i was only in my dinner-only-attire-with-sneakers… wahlao, damn ugly lar going clubbing that way, but no choice also… *sobsob*

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!! really very happening man this BVLD, the queue already damn long when we reached at 1130pm… and we saw quite some people that we know, it seems like everyone loves this place huh… then wilmin, danny and paklun joined too… 1.5 hours later, we were told that it’s FULL HOUSE!! wooohooooo~~~ what an effort that we had made, and we couldnt get it in the end… *WTF*

and at this time, jimmy and phuiyen came from KAMPUNG… so the 10 of us had another discussion AGAIN… at last, wilmin, danny and paklun decided to go to the casino… while the rest of us decided to go the aussie club… ODEON! it’s bad, live band + odor… *vomits* then when we were on the way back, cheryl, yuan and i were walking on the street and there were SO MANY drunkards on the street, and they were really funny and weird… HAHHAHAHA… interesting journey home =P

in conclusion, we had a bad weekend… =( but at least, it’s such a GATHERING… people from kampung came, people from long lost planet came… not too bad though… i think, it’s good enough that we could finally meet up in one group… *cheers*

the girls!! yuan, arvoon, me, cheryl…

my darling and i…

the babies…

me and arvoon… my friend, eevoon’s sister… =)

auntie SAM and me…

idiot weisheng!! what kinda face is that man!! taking pic with a CUTE GIRL man!! ishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh =P


P/S: eehui, i passed by that restaurant again last night, it’s called BEARBRASS =P

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Hi! How is everyone? I’m was just looking around the internet and saw this website. well just e-mail me if any one wants to talk!

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