Miss Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

ok lar ok lar… since you guys so like me to miss you~~~~

i miss my dear cheryl, because she has gone missing for 1+ years… didnt bother to see me… she wants me to continue missing her… what to do… I MISS CHERYL OOI~

i miss my melbourne’s MOMMIE, alice!! nobody rushing me to shower, nobody reminding me things, nobody walking in and out of my room, nobody ‘ERICCAAAAAA’ me, nobody waking me up, nobody telling me that my room is messy… blablabla… I MISS ALICE CHONG!!

i miss lennis for sure… nomore zhanshen because zhanshen in uk, nomore zeno because zeno working… so lennis had become my driver most of the time… KEKE… thankiew and sorrie lar that i always be the lamp post… forgive me ok!! and also thankx for building the chicken ala kingdom for me!! I MISS LENNIS ER~~~ *wakkakakakakkakakakakakaka* damn, i cant stop laughing at this name!!

who else wanna be in the list…? anymore anymore?

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okokok… i miss yuenqi too since the last meet was like… YEARS AGO!!

alvin ar… i dont need to miss you though, i havent met you before… hahahahaha

zhanshen… i said NOMORE ZHANSHEN AS DRIVER only… dont worry, i still miss you and love you… wakkakakakakakakkaka~

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