2 Months Now…

It’s been 2 months now that I got back to my single life and I told myself that I had to live a life that I would do everything according to what my heart feels.

Guess I have been doing it pretty well…

I have taken up quite a few new things that I had not been doing for a long long time… I started back my volunteer work in a temple, I started mixing with more random friends without any obligation… And one big thing that I want to do the most, I WANT TO KNOW HOW TO SWIM BEFORE I TURN 31!! DAMN!!

And also, I am back to my free-style relationship… I just want back the feeling of to like a person that I just feel like “Hey, I like you” without considering any other realistic factors… Yeap, I just want to be unrealistic for a while, just a while I promise… As I don’t hope that this will go any longer… 一碌碌, I knew that this charming idiot would turn my life upside down, but hey, being unrealistic and just be stubborn right! And I was right, from the start till the end, non-stop torturing, what a torture… And still torturing my mind… Somehow, I am quite regret that I didn’t go all out, I am quite angry at myself that I am still too coward, too afraid to get hurt… DAMN! If I were to be a bit more brave and go all out, perhaps I could get something more than this…

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