i dont know why… i always feel hungry all the time… and when i see food, i would go EAT EAT EAT EAT!! then… after a while, i would start yelling ‘DAMN FULL, WANNA VOMIT’… ok, that’s my routine daily life…

last time i would never feel hungry even i didnt eat anything… but then nowadays, i eat breakfast and i will get hungry very soon… so i decided to eat HEAVY breakfast… i ate noodles this morning, early morning i mean… at 630am!! and then with a cup of coffee… damn filling… who knows… few hours later, HUNGRY EDI!!! *pokkaizzz* irritatingnyer…

and so i told my mom that i need to eat RICE every morning in order not to get hungry so fast… and she went on telling me this fact…

AnnChin says:
I think too much worms inside…..they make u naughty….lazy…..angry…. not lovely…..etc


what does that gotta do with the WORMS weik… worms so geng one eh? can make one naughty, lazy, angry, not lovely… duh… CRAPPIE!!!!

by the way, i think i seriously need to drink SHIELDTOX to kill the worms in me… =(

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Just try some more grains which are higher in fibres… For example, replace white rice with mix of white and unpolished rice. Noodles, eat with more veggies, etc.

If got worms, eat Zental. Then the worms will either die, or cabut… And if they cabut, RUN!!! … … 😛

ahah dont need to drink shieldtox la girl. i got worm inside before too. just drink that medicine and it’ll come out when you shit. i know its gross, but uh… you gonna do it for your health’s sake.

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