Happy 21st Birthday!!

yeay!! come come, let’s sing~~!! happy birthday to yongyuan, happy birthday to yongyuan, happy birthday to yongyuan, happy birthday to yongyuan… *clap clap* my dearest fattiest cousin is now 21 years old edi!! yes yes yes!! she is now an adult!! anyone interested?? dont worry, you wont be liable =X *oooppsss*

anyway, it was a lame party we had in this rented 2 rooms serviced apartment ‘the zon’ on jalan ampang… erm… it’s big enough, everything is ok, but… it doesnt look classy… *argghhh* nvm, good value for money lar… around 18 people went, with balloons, food, drinks, snacks, karaoke DVDs, dvd-player-that-i-carried-to… and also… ALCOHOL LAR!! ma de, damn alcoholics man!! i saw like… 4 bottles of wine, 1 bottle of chivas, 1 bottle of vsop, and 1 bottle of black label… *siaoz* but but but… haiihhhzzzz… i was sad, as i had to go home early for next morning’s class… so bad that i couldnt join the drunking session… =( and just because that i couldnt stay there, so i missed out the buffet breakfast also… *wawawawawawawawaaaaaa*

poor me… gotta wake up so damn early this morning… =( i was damn sleepie when my alarm woke me up… and at that very moment, my brain told me to continue sleeping… telling me to FARK THAT CLASS lar… then i replied ‘roger’ so i conitnued sleeping… but but but… i felt so guilty for that, so i decided to wake up to continue being the same old GOOD GIRL =) but i was fishing in the class ALL THE TIME… and this lecturer damn blardee fool one… kept asking me questions… but somehow, i also dont know what had happened to me… i basically managed to answer those what-the-fark-are-you-asking questions with some how-the-hell-i-know-what-is-that answers… later, she commented our class is with some TOTALLY asleep students and with some PARTIALLY asleep students… i think i am one of the partially ones… *aiskz*

tired… wanna sleep… tonight? any plan?

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haha thanks for the birthday post..:p oh well, no need class la.. haha we made a mess there man… if classy apartment, ppl sure complain we noisy lor. yeah la. u should have join us, we played till like 4+am.. haha then i couldnt tahan.. dozed off with my smelly body hahee.. n tipsy-ness. i also very sleepy now! its 11 51pm havent sleep yet this morning.. only slept 4 hrs.. worse than u i think. im flying in the sky oledi.. goodnite lorrr

hhaha for ur info, its only 3 wine, but got 2 chivas haha and beers!! we mix everything. good effect right?

ahhhhhhhhh oh yea, so it’s 3 bottles of wine, 2 bottles of chivas, 1 bottle of black label and one bottle of vsop… and also BEER… ahhahahaa~~~

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