Shopping Day!!

today was really a shopping day… been walking here and there, up and down, left and right to search for THINGS!!

well!! GOOD NEWS!! i finally got myself a pair of HEELS!! yeay!! but it’s not the 4inches Jane Debster that i wanted *coz this stupid bugger not on sale, so expensive!!* ma de hell… luckily i still manage to find one pair that i like… but then it’s also after alice and i walking in and out from so many shops!! *tiring* a cheaper one with 3.5inches only though, and i got a 10% discount for it as it’s the last pair and a MINOR scratch over there… aiskkzzz…

ok… after buying my heels, my mood rocketed!! so then went to buy stuffs to make KONNYAKU JELLY for nhan’s party tomorrow… kekekeke… it’s ANOTHER DAMN HARD mission ok!! once i found the powder, then i couldnt get the longan, once i found the longan, then i couldnt get the nata de coco, once i got the nata de coco, then i couldnt get the RAW basil seeds, so i had to buy BASIL SEED WITH HONEY DRINK *weird*… arrggghh!!! and once everything i got edi… i havent got the MOULD, which is the most important thing!! zha dou!! finally got the ICE CUBE TRAY *bah* better than nothing lar… all these things i got from different shops one man!! why cant they sell them all in ONE SAME SHOP leh… stupid!! probably they know that i wanna gam fei, so that they made me walk so much!! wakkakaka… =P

i found this pair looks damn CUTE, with DENIM rose at the tip and MOOMOOCOW furry at the side, and very COMFORTABLE!! but… i dont dare to wear it on the street… and it’s 189bucks… no thankiew!!

my new heels!!

my poor lil heels with this white scratch…

all my ingredients for KONNYAKU JELLY

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