Procrastinating eRiCCa…

this is so damn freaking suckie man!! STOP THAT!! been telling myself again and again, stop doing that!! but… argggh… just cant help… *duh*

finally went out to have a PROPER meal for lunch this afternoon, went to have japanese food… kinda yummie though… but then super fattening with tempura, with teriyaki chicken, with fried chicken pieces, with fried dumplings, with some rice!! which is why i am not going to have DINNER!! waakakakakaka… even thought of going for a swim to burn out all the stewpid calories… but… when we were almost ready to go at 730pm and we realised that the swimming pool closing at 745pm… *baka*

thus, we stayed at home to do some DRY SWIM… wakakakkaa… YES!! MAHJONG!! ahhahahahaha… at least, i was exercising my FINGERS and HANDS, i bet they are now A LIL SLIMMER… damn lame… and i felt so bad while playing mahjong and also thinking of my assignment!! my BLARDEE tax law assignment is killing me… i think it’s not the assignment itself but the freaking 34 pages of tax case that i have to read before i can start working on it!! i just cant have that kinda patient to read all of them… *help* BUT I HAVE TO!!

now, i am ready to READ!! but i am feeling sleepy… NO NO NO!! i have to read before i can go to bed tonight!! I PROMISE!! *good luck*

this is what happens when i HAVE TO STARDEE… especially when my dardar is lost in nowhere, not studying together with me…

take a pic before going to study ok…

HUH~ i still dowan to study ar… *blek*

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erm… excuse me… i dont edit pics one… all 100% original one… and also… I DONT HAVE ARMPIT HAIR lar!! it’s the SHADE lar!! *bah* i very clean and tidy one ok!!

MAY… slap me ler… =P

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