freakin cold!!!

oh man….christmass is comin :D but it is freaking cold!!!:lalala: and got damn lotz of static!!!always get short circuit by electric!!!temperature over my place is negative 10 celcius!!! and i m freakin cold even in room lucky got heater!!!when i go 4 a 20 min walk, my nose n ears r freezing and became numb no more feeling!!wahhaha, 2day i got 60++usd waiter tips !!!wowoow so happy lol!!!merry christmass 2 all ppl in this blog……n happi new year!!n play safe lo….i mean dun drink 2 much!!!i was drunk like hell in my 21st bday!!!now dun dare 2 drink anymore!!!gonna b a good boy!!!seems like goin 2 snow nex week lo!!!i think i got my ever best christmas present!!!is a car!!!lou dou approved jo 2 buy a honda integra!!!wahhahaha, tomolo go checkout the car!!!!these few days duno y, always thinking of malaysian food!!!holly shit!!!hungry man, i oledi planned a food trip after i reach the klia airport by nex yr!!!woowowowowo….finally may u guys hav a very happi christmas n world peace!!!bai bai, gonna go play ps2 la……..suitemate paging me jo

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when you get your car, drive safe in the snow.

-10C is nothing… unless it’s windy, then you wouldn’t feel you still have your ears. LOL…

have fun and enjoy the cold. i miss it very much…

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