Break Up

i wonder, is this a Break Up Season? i have been seeing quite a number of couples broke up recently… and some STILL IN PROGRESS!! ahhaa… which means… half way break up~ *my godz*

i can see the pain when your loved one wanna break up with you… and how sad you are, how pain the heart is, how you hope for it’s not true, how weak you are… even how hard to continue your life… i too understand how hard to break up with the person you loved before, and how pain is your heart when seeing him/her struggling… i have gone through both situations before, i have been farking down and sad before… but now… i am still another new person after every relationship…

what i see in this kinda situation? a break up is just leaving the one who doesnt love you anymore which is WORTH IT!! or… leaving someone you no longer love in order to find someone that you truly love which is also WORTH IT!! yea, it’s easy to say it when i am not in the situation… but afterall, you will still realise it after everything… you obviously will look for a better life after breaking up… and PLEASE live better when someone has broken up with you, show him/her that you can be better without him/her…

well… this is another reason for why i am still single!! =P as i am afraid of being with the wrong ones thus afraid of break ups… unless i can find someone that i really really love… =)

but all these whiles, i have met some people that i like, but not suitable for me, or some that i like but they dont like me, or some that they like me but i dont like tham… blablabla… this is hard weik~!~!! or maybe… a casual relationship is more suitable for me, can have love but not committed? BUT… whenever i think that i am ready for a casual relationship, a relationship without commitment… then i will ACCIDENTALLY fall into the trap… i guess i am not the kind of person to have casual relationship, i cant make it actually… it would be the biggest problem when you both are meant for a casual relationship, then suddenly you want it to be serious… and there comes to decide what you should do…

continue to pretend casual?

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may all your dreams come true, be a good MAN…
your birthday gift is with Bobo, get from him ok… =P

2 replies on “Break Up”

why relationship thingie so damn complicated one ???
duh ~!!!!
break is the BEST choice if both of u dun love each other anymore…
break is the BEST choice if u do not love him/her anymore, why wanna waste time being together since u dun love him/her ?

wat am i trying to say ? i’m BluR ~!!!
nvm, juz let it be =)
GOD will make the decision for you… do u believe in GOD ???

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