Happy New Year!!!

it’s the brand new year 2005!!! gotta hope for a better year, everything’s gonna be better in anyway!!! YOOHOOO~

well, finally the 5 of us, WheiMeng, ZhanShen, Zeno, Mayvis and I went up to genting… it’s a small gang for this year, BUT it’s the BEST GANG of all as the 4 of them are my FAVOURITE people!! yeah yeah yeah~!~!~!! we reached there kinda late at around 4pm, and the best thing was we were so dangerous as we didnt book for a place to stay!! but luckily, we could get a 2 rooms apartment at Ria still… it was kinda big for the 5 of us and it was too expensive though, so we decided to call more people up… at the end, 3 more friends came to occupy 1 of the 2 rooms… and stooopid WheiMeng made me CRY!! ARSEHOLE!! he knew that i scared of SOMETHING, especially in RIA!! then he somemore told me that SOMETHING likes RED color when i had a red jacket with me… then super IMMEDIATELY my tears fell down!! donkey head!! then usually i dont go to toilet alone in the hotel/apartment, i always drag mayvis along INTO the toilet and forced her to face the wall… =P

we headed to casino after having the steamboat in our apartment… OH YEA MAN, it was the very first time i went into Genting’s Casino… as all the time i wasnt allowed to go in before my 21st birthday!!!! *arrghhh* and then, i was SO PROUD with my IC to get in there~~!! but, the casino truly disappointed me, it was not as nice as i thought it was supposed to be, not as classy as Melbourne’s Crown Casino… hmmmm… but who cares, 5 of we shared and get involved in some games and we won 20bucks each per person… hahahahaha…

I LOVE THE WEATHER man!!!!! i went so damn excited on the way walking back to the apartment!! so damn nice!! i love it when i was walking with my spaghetti top and the mist sprayed on my face!! *woooooooooow* it’s the perfect 18degrees!! damn syiok!! i miss Melbourne’s weather!!

then we started our mahjong session and also drinking session… was planning to finish the 1litre Chivas… but then, it was so hard for mayvis and i to finish the ONLY cup of it… damn!! i seriously couldnt take the smell and the taste… like SHIAT only!!! i rather drink Vodka, Tequila… even my favourite Bacardi 151 weik~!~!!!! i kept feeling puking the whole night but i didnt…

6am in the morning, there were another 10 fellaz came in… those were the 3 friends’ friends… my godz… all 18/19 years old kiddoz… screaming like nobody’s business early in the morning and i was about to sleep… BUT I COULDNT!!! *arrrghhh* but i guess i dozed off god knows when till 10am that i was FORCED to wake up as we gotta check out the apartment at 12pm!!

and it was too dangerous for us to leave genting at that moment as it was too misty… so then we went to have KFC as our breakfast cum lunch aka BRUNCH… and then… AGAIN we headed to CASINO!! hahahahahahahahaa… 5 Gambling Ghosts… =P at first we won back our KFC… then we won another 20bucks for each person again… but then… after few hours of lepaking in the casino… we ended up losing all the 40bucks we won in the casino… BUT, very FORTUNATELY, we still won the KFC BRUNCH!!!! ahhahahahahaha… and also we won some FUN though~~~ =P

yeahhh, and now i am home!!! i am so happy!!! i enjoyed my genting trip so much although we FORGOT to count down to new year while we were so busy in the casino~ =P *THANKS* to WheiMeng, ZhanShen, Zeno and Mayvis for this wonderful trip!! you guys are the best!! *woooohoooo~~~*

Mayvis, WheiMeng, Me, Zeno

Me, Mayvis too bored in casino’s cafeteria~~ =P

friendly ERICCA + lansi ZENO~ kekekeke

MIST!! it looks like we were taking pic in the SKY with CLOUDS~

Happy Family – WheiMeng, Mayvis, Me, Zeno, ZhanShen AND Mr. Santa!! kekeeekekekke~

My souvenir from WheiMeng, ZhanShen and Zeno bought from Taiwan… a PAIR of necklaces, a GUY and a GIRL, and i am wearing the GIRL’s one… waiting to give the GUY’s to my future HUSBAND… hahhahahah

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