BABYLAND gathering…

last night went out with BABY TOY the BOBO with his driver and officially now BABY DRIVER the LOK-LOK… he really looks like the HK actor 錢家樂 one wor!! dont play play wor…!!

we went for dinner at first then after that we went to have a drink at Halo Cafe!! wooohoooo~~ that place really ROCKS man!! i love the environment A LOT!! nice songs and nice drinks… of coz… together with nice people *wink* i enjoyed being there a lot!! after a while, WeeHong and WayLeong came to join us as they were about to go for mahjong session at my house later… i FORCED WayLeong to help me to ask whether any job vacancies or not… hehe, so that i can work there ooorrhh~~~ but then… i still gotta consider about it first!! from 8pm to 12am or 2am wor…!!! hmmm… then there was this moment everyone laughed at me for not pressing the top of the pen before using it… =( even the waitress there laughed like a so-poh~ *arrrrghhhh~*

yea yea, after that, went home for mahjong session OF COZ!!! kekekekeke… thankx BOBO and LOKLOK for coming all the way from so far and even GOT LOST in BANGI~ *WTF* hahahahahhaa… =P

our drinks… Purple Corner, Moon LOver and Ice World… *look at the photographing skill man, isnt it TOO GOOD!!!*

they are all good singers!! serious!! *applause*



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