Solve it or not…

Sometimes, I don’t even know whether I should solve it or not… When you try to solve it, there will be more and more hard time coming up… Sometimes maybe it’s better to keep it flow by itself…

Baby, do you know how much you are worrying me? Do you know how much I try not to worry? I TRIED HARD… But, it is just not working… Sometimes, maybe it is better to not to force you and us, but maybe I should just force myself to be stronger…

I remember someone told me… It’s fine when they enjoy the world out there, as long as they come home…

Is that supposed to be?

I remember you told me, we are sharing both the happiness and sadness… But, it seems like you are sharing your happiness with your friends, while I have to take all my sadness…

I don’t understand…

You have done so much so much to make love within us, you have shown me how much you love me, you have taught me how to love you, you have given chances to learn… NOW, I have learnt, and I know… But, you are not taking it…

X says:
i think, u indeed love him
X says:
and when he started to become like this
X says:
ur heart broke
X says:
because before this
X says:
u take it for granted that he will not change and will always be that way
X says:
sorry if this sound harsh o
X says:
there is a few choices now, i think
X says:
1) break up, suffer heart ache for a while and recover and move on
2) stay in this and go on suffering heart ache until he learned
3) go on with this and pretend nothing happen
4) pretend nothing ever happened at all

I will definately not going for 1, because I know he will change. He gave me a chance when I was bad before, I need to give him a chance, and I know he will.

I think I am doing 2 now.

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