Smart Arse!

I hate smart arse, especially those smart arse customers… They like to act AS IF they know a lot, in fact NO…

Today I was so annoyed by these customers… One was asking for a SE K800 charger, so I got him a SE K750 charger, and he was like “I am asking for a K800 charger, not a K750 one”, and then he snatched the charger away from me and looked at it and said “No, this is not the right one”…

I was so wanted to say DON’T ACT SMART!! But I HAD TO be nice and said “Let me just try it”… Once I plugged it in, the phone went “Optimized Charging”… His friend beside him said to him “She knows her work” and I looked at him, he was SPEECHLESS!!

Then, another one… He found what he wanted, and he was TRYING to pull it out from the shelves… I was trying to be nice and asked him whether he needed help, but he looked at me and not saying a word, continued trying hard in pulling… I walked over and did it my way, in just HALF A SECOND… He looked at me and said “WOW, that was easy”… HELL YEA, else that would be a SELF SERVICE SHOP, why would you need me to be there then…


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