A N3wB!3 ~ ! ~


Hiya..ya..ya..ya.. :) am a Newbie i mean in &#59;)Thanks to my pretty lovely aunty ericca ( opps!:P shud be Pretty Lovely gurl ler..:lalala: ) invited me to join in this bladdy~~ aha..i dunno whats that about also..haha coz..ok first time to touch these..soo ebibody –> “duo duo ji gao” !! ^_~

~~neeway,still have to make a greeting first..wishing all of you having a prosperous new year,may all your dream comes true and happy belated valentines day :)

.. Back to busy mode ..

erm...nth to say..


3 Boy Friends…

wooohooo~!~!~! HAPPY VALENTINES’ DAY!!!

i started my v-day studying for half a day in library… HEY, yea i really STUDIED ok!! not even half a session of msn-ing in computer lab… in fact, i didnt even leave the study TABLES *coz i used up 3 tables in total* except for going to toilet ONLY!! what a good girl man… *applause*

after that… waited for my 1st bf Mr. Zeno to fetch me to join my another 2 bfs Mr. ZhanShen and Mr. WheiMeng… hahahahahahaha~~ YEAP, i have 3 BFS!! so geng leh… usually people have only ONE but i have THREE!! lalalallaa~~ so lucky me!! somemore my all 3 bfs so lengjaiz, so good, so smart… *proud* then we headed to have seafood… *yumyum* after seafood we went for a movie Constantine, and oh well, i think it was SUPPOSED to be a great movie *i heard* but too bad that i was too dumb to understand it, and i have mixed up all the devils and angels… good and bad… ARGH!!! whatever!! damn confusing~~~ and those ghosts were so damn freaking ugly lar!! i covered up my eyes most of the time when those ghosts coming out… hahahahahaha…

seriously, this is my HAPPIEST v-day that i have ever celebrated!! first time celebrating it with my LOVED ones!! eventhough i had a bf on ONE v-day a few years back, i didnt manage to celebrate with him though… *sadz* BUT today was so great!! i had my 75% *basically, i have only 4 friends, so it’s 75% coz 3 of them* with me… hehee… thankx to ANOTHER 25% Ms. Mayvis for not attending so that i could have all the 3 lengjaiz!! kekekekeke… *evil* but she was happily celebrating with her DARDAR-STAR lar, so nice hor…

i wonder, do people make wishes on v-day? but i dont care, i am making… hopefully that our Singapore trip is gonna ON before i leave… and hopefully that my 100% is going to be my 100% forever and ever… =)

i took 5 mins break to take pics in the library… kekekeke

my 75% and i… the 4 jokers… WheiMeng is going into the magic vase…

we are the valentines…

p/s: i have no idea why are the 2 JOKER-pics looking so blur… BUT they are SUPER clear and SUPER nice in real… clearly showing how loving we are… maybe i need a sponsor for a 1.3 megapixels camera phone… *anyone?*


Valentines Day


Who the heck invented Valentines Day ?
Man, This year’s Valentines Day is the worst day of my life. Tired, boring, hectic, rushed and lonely ……

Went Pg shiok shiok y’day and supposed to service my car also but i woke up at 12 noon next morning ….. shiatzzZZZ !!! Too late to service my car jorr …… did my shopping last minute and had to rush back from PG – Ipoh liau …….. nia sing ………

Used the old road somemore instead of PLUS …… OMG …. god damn road is sooooooooooo full of lorries …… shiatZZzz …… regret regret …..

but luckily after Taiping…… it’s smooth sail …. else ……. i think i sudah mati ……

Life’s Boring !!!



yesterday was the second day of chinese new year, “Cho Yee” and i was so poor thing… it was my PAINFUL CHO YEE… =(

first… i hurt my mouth… when i was having breakfast with my family, i bit my mouth for the FIRST time, i shouted… then after chewing for some time… TA MA DE!! SECOND time at the SAME SPOT!! and i shouted again!! shiat… so pain man!!

then… i went to mop the floor after breakfast… when i was mopping the floor, my hand knocked on a cupboard’s door where the edge was SHARP!! OH MY GODZ… my hand hurt!! a piece of skin came off and i peeled it off~~ after a few seconds… i saw blood flowing out… *madness* i ran down to look for mommie and i couldnt say any word at all beside ‘mieee… mieee…’ and showing my hand to her… then she asked my bro to help me to clean the wound and apply medicine on it… then then then… it was so PAINFUL!! i could feel THOUSANDS of knives were hurting my poor lil hand… and i cried… then my bro kept laughing at me and he told the entire family as a JOKE… *BAKA*

during night time, i changed a new plaster to my poor lil hand… so then i applied this chinese medicine on it… and IMMEDIATELY, i couldnt move… i was STONED!! it was FREAKING DAMN BLARDY PAIN WEIK!! this time i could feel MILLIONS of knives were in action *pokkaizzzz* and this FEELING lasted all night long… this affected my game on both Chor Dee and Mahjong as my hand really couldnt move that much, it’s PAIN ok!! as i could feel the pain even when i was sleeping for the entire sleep… *WHAT THE* and till now at this moment when i am typing this entry… it is STILL PAIN!!

besides… there was this dinner i had with my mom’s family at popo’s house… basically we have this on Cho Yee every year… about 20+ people were there last night AND so many people asked about my HAIR!! *dengz* luckily SOME said that it suits me!! ahhaha… some even said that… i look like Kwai Poh now… with blonde hair… with fair skin… and i assume it is also with Kwai Poh’s BIG SIZE also… *hmmmmzzzz…*

around 11pm… we went out yum cha at BRJ with Zeno, ZhanShen, my broz, JeHaw, Woon Jie and Nhan… after the yumcha session we went home to continue on our GAMES~~ kekekekee… oh well… not to forget to mention, ZhanShen has become my 6th family member!!! ahahhahahaha… he has been in my house on both Cho Yut and Cho Yee edi… let’s see whether he will be here again today… ekkekekeke…

am i a LALA?

LALA again?

poor lil hand…

poor hand is protected by Mr. Plaster… =)


Car accident at CNY eve!!!

wah 2day very damn bad luck!!!gamble lost 30 usd!!! then we going for dinner, when turning in2 a small little road, wao the road is covered by ice so my car under steer in da corner ( under steer means the car go straight instead of turning) so my front rim hit the curve, dunno the rim got curved or not!!??? so damn pity!!!hahahah


Happy Chinese New Year!!

it is so happening out there… fireworks are so nice… firecrackers so noisy… and yea, it’s the first day of chinese new year!! HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR~~ =)

but… i am now very… erm… not very happy…

coz… at first i was very happy being my daddie’s hairstylist as he wanted to color his hair!! and hey man, first time in his life… so i was damn excited about it, i bought him a bleach kit from gatsby… the result came out to become quite satisfying after around 40mins… it is something like dark brown… not bad!!

and then there was a bit of left over… so i put it on my new born BLACK color hair… and thinking of leaving there for around 20 mins… maybe can have dark brown too… as my hair is spoilt edi… and i had yellowish hair at the end part of my hair edi… wanna change style!! be more good girl look!! so then… i put on the bleach and went to play game… and… the game was damn exciting… then… OH MY GODZ!! DAMN I FORGOT about the bleach weik!! when i noticed it, it was already TOO LATE!! and now… my whole head is YELLOW!! my godzzzzzzzzzzzzz… how am i going to stay with this LALA HEAD~~ damn damn damn!!

when i showed to my mom… she went like…
‘good mar, now HING ar…’
i was like *SHIAT*!!
then i showed to my dad… he went like…
‘wah, luckily mine not like that…’


sad =(

back part…



Happy ChineSe NeW YeaR !!!!


Finally back to my hometown jorrr …….

Long long vacation …… :>:>
Gatherings, Gambling Meetings, YumCha sessions wif all my old school mates …… Man ……. This is soooooooooooo ……… exciting ……..

Have to wait One bloody year for this …… :P
:roll::roll: Gotta treasure these few short live days ….

Happy Chinese New Year everyone … hahahahahha
duh !!! :>>



weeeeeeeee~~~ finally i got myself 2 new tops today!!! yeah yeah yeah~~!! but, not any bottom yet… gonna look for a SKIRT soon!!

was actually planned to go shopping with Bobo, Loklok and CupidCupid one ler… then hor, last night mommie said she wanted to do house cleaning AGAIN… so that i gotta cancel the DATE lor!! but then when i woke up this morning, i found that mommie already out!! cool~~~ then i asked zhanshen to go shopping together!! ahahahaha~~

we went 1u… and i bought one threepointsix top!! yeah!! first one!! although i dont like it very much… still… forced to buy for chinese new year… whatever lar!! then went to meet up with bobo, loklok and cupidcupid also… was damn freaking hungry!! met up with them to have Nando’s while zhanshen was having his hair cut…

after that 4 of us went to shop around… as bobo wanted to buy clothes too!! then again we went to threepointsix… this time, bobo didnt buy anything buy i got another MICKEY top for myself again!! haahhahaha… stupiak bobo!! then we ended up walking from here to there, from there to here to search for bobo’s clothes!! but then… at the end… THREEPOINTSIX AGAIN!! finally he got his 2 new tops from there!! ahahhaha… *congrats*

oh man~~ was planning to go atmos tonight… but hey!! damn tired lar… i wonder how is zhanshen going to dance tonight!! and… i have to be a good girl at home tonight lar, since went out whole day edi, tomorrow gotta wake up early to go market somemore!! heard that tomorrow is a BIG MARKET DAY!! gonna use TWO CARS to take those stuffs!! and also heard that… gonna carry EIGHT CHICKENS back!! that’s so scary weik~~~ *wondering how can all of them fit into my small lil fridge*


Chinese New Year

oh man… chinese new year is just around the corner…. another week to go… i feel so STRESSED!! i dont like chinese new year!! i might be one kind for disliking chinese new year since most of the people like it… arghh… i dont find a reason to like it…

the yearly house cleaning part is TIRING lar!! i dont understand WHY do we need to clean the whole house before chinese new year… since we do the cleaning all the time… and why must we buy new things for it… new clothes? shops are opened everyday, and we can buy new clothes anytime when we see clothes that we like, but why must we being forced to buy new clothes for chinese new year while we dont see clothes that we like!!! haiihzz… a waste of money and energy!!

oooh… yearly family gathering with all the aunties and uncles… oh no… every year they comment on the same things… ‘wah, grow older edi wor’ ‘wah, prettier edi wor’ and every year gotta answer the same questions… ‘what are you studying’ ‘where are you studying’ ‘have you got a bf’… oh my godzzz… i think i can list down all these on a piece of paper and stick it on my forehead and ask them to read themselves!!

and usually adults LOVE all these family gatherings, they TREASURE this once in a year’s chance to catch up with everyone and keep chatting all the way through… while KIDDOZ like us gotta stay there doing nothing… dont expect me to have long chats with those people that i meet only once a year… nothing to chat about weik~~ i often fall asleep during this kinda occasions…

ANG PAO~~ everyone loves this yea!! but hey, this kinda money damn hard to EARN lar… gotta smile like a GRO entertaining the people all the day long… *hard job* sometimes still gotta be a joker or even a clown~~ and at the end of the day, the amount of money… haiihzzz… it’s better if our parents dont need to give ang paoz to other kiddoz and give all the money to us!! that’s so nice!! this is a WIN-WIN strategy weik!!

and how about food? i dont see any special food that we can ONLY eat during chinese new year also… maybe Yu Sang and mandrin oranges only… what else? others like those snacks… anytime also can get lar!! dengz… why must we wait until chinese new year only eat like a hungry ghost wor…!!

finally… the only thing i like –> countless of gambling sessions!! ahahhaa… this is the ONLY time that we can gamble from morning till night and from night till morning all the time… =P *gambling ghost is here* just for the sake of FUN!!


Friends? NO!

when i was happy crapping on msn and dc++ hub… suddenly my hp rang, i looked at the number, and ‘OH SHIT’ came out from me… oh well, i picked up still…

guy: hi, it’s me!
me: i know!
guy: where are you?
me: at home…
guy: ask you something, are you trying to avoid me?
me: whatever lar…
guy: cant we be friends?
me: NO!
guy: ok then.

seriously, i have to go on my life without all these people and memories, i try not to recall any of these… i mean i seriously couldnt forgive myself for involving in such relationship before…

it feels so YUCKIE when you recall yourself being in a relationship while the LOVE wasnt there… and you will definately wanna forget everything as if it’s just a nightmare… just like how i feel now…

sorrie for not being serious in love… and i will not repeat that anymore!! i will be in a relationship when i am in LOVE!! and sorrie, i really dont know how to maintain this friendship… and there is no point also… well, i dont know whether this is wrong or correct, but i know i feel better doing so…