yesterday was the second day of chinese new year, “Cho Yee” and i was so poor thing… it was my PAINFUL CHO YEE… =(

first… i hurt my mouth… when i was having breakfast with my family, i bit my mouth for the FIRST time, i shouted… then after chewing for some time… TA MA DE!! SECOND time at the SAME SPOT!! and i shouted again!! shiat… so pain man!!

then… i went to mop the floor after breakfast… when i was mopping the floor, my hand knocked on a cupboard’s door where the edge was SHARP!! OH MY GODZ… my hand hurt!! a piece of skin came off and i peeled it off~~ after a few seconds… i saw blood flowing out… *madness* i ran down to look for mommie and i couldnt say any word at all beside ‘mieee… mieee…’ and showing my hand to her… then she asked my bro to help me to clean the wound and apply medicine on it… then then then… it was so PAINFUL!! i could feel THOUSANDS of knives were hurting my poor lil hand… and i cried… then my bro kept laughing at me and he told the entire family as a JOKE… *BAKA*

during night time, i changed a new plaster to my poor lil hand… so then i applied this chinese medicine on it… and IMMEDIATELY, i couldnt move… i was STONED!! it was FREAKING DAMN BLARDY PAIN WEIK!! this time i could feel MILLIONS of knives were in action *pokkaizzzz* and this FEELING lasted all night long… this affected my game on both Chor Dee and Mahjong as my hand really couldnt move that much, it’s PAIN ok!! as i could feel the pain even when i was sleeping for the entire sleep… *WHAT THE* and till now at this moment when i am typing this entry… it is STILL PAIN!!

besides… there was this dinner i had with my mom’s family at popo’s house… basically we have this on Cho Yee every year… about 20+ people were there last night AND so many people asked about my HAIR!! *dengz* luckily SOME said that it suits me!! ahhaha… some even said that… i look like Kwai Poh now… with blonde hair… with fair skin… and i assume it is also with Kwai Poh’s BIG SIZE also… *hmmmmzzzz…*

around 11pm… we went out yum cha at BRJ with Zeno, ZhanShen, my broz, JeHaw, Woon Jie and Nhan… after the yumcha session we went home to continue on our GAMES~~ kekekekee… oh well… not to forget to mention, ZhanShen has become my 6th family member!!! ahahhahahaha… he has been in my house on both Cho Yut and Cho Yee edi… let’s see whether he will be here again today… ekkekekeke…

am i a LALA?

LALA again?

poor lil hand…

poor hand is protected by Mr. Plaster… =)

5 replies on “Pain~~” dear cutie..y u hurt urself takecare ur self ya..n be careful ler.. =( sob sob..ur cutie pie wan to sob sob =( hehe..;p..wah..kwai po also ler..hehe..blonde hair come will be lala…if u with blonde hair seem like lala..then im the 1 also the most lala..coz my hair in red color now…;p kekeke

Dk… ahahahaha… got people say nice mar… =P

nicole my cutie pie… show me your red color hair lar…!! ehhee…

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