Mahjong Again…

Finally, I am playing mahjong again after so long. Not that long maybe, but at least 3 months I think.

It was a quiet Friday’s night, nobody would be at home as usual. Babybendan went out to enjoy his once a week night out with his friends. So, I went out to have outing with my friends too. We had dinner at this place with Audrey, Denis, SuYin, Jaslyn, Jessica, Koala, Terry and I. Then, all of us *beside Audrey and Denis* went to have a drink and relaxing a bit at the Sofitel Hotel, sang along with their live band.

It was a bit boring and slow. Jaslyn, Jessica and Suyin went home after that. Terry, Koala and I decided to play mahjong!! Obviously, they both are good mahjong players because they are freaking Hongkies, it’s just that I had to teach them some different rules as Malaysian mahjong is different from theirs.

6am, we ended the game.

Boring Friday’s night.

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