Ski Yogurt…

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Do you know where the lucky place for fruit is? I KNOW! It’s the Ski Yogurt! They have recently come up with a new website, which I think is really cool!

I started laughing when I saw the ‘Unlucky Fruit’ sitting in the corner because they didn’t get to end up in Ski Yogurt. Because they are ugly! Those videos about Ski Lucky Fruit TV ads and Pulped Fruit are really creative!! And when you look at the lucky fruit, you feel hungry for a moment; they look so yummy and make me hungry even through the screen. Get yourself a FREE fruit screen saver; make your computer screen healthy.

The website even comes with the Fruit Trivia, it is a competition, join if you think you know your fruit well enough. I tried, but I scored badly, 3/10!! I will practice more!!

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