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I remember there was once when I had to repaint the wall when I took out some mirrors from it. Those mirrors were pasted to the wall by some tapes, so the paint came off when I took of the mirrors. So, I had to go out to get some paint. But, I didn’t know that there were so many different types of paint, even different types of white paint. I had no idea which to get, so I got the one that I thought it was. Obviously, I found out that it was not right one, and it was not even close. In the end, very fortunately that I found the closest one and I painted it with my mind thinking it’s easy as coloring the wall. Unfortunately, it is not as easy as what I thought, the paint eventually became patches on the wall and it looked very ugly with the uneven color. I gave up. Mission failed. In the end, I paid 200 bucks to get it fixed.

Knowledge is power
, we should learn more about everything, especially fixing our own things. I am now learning from, there are articles and a forum with a huge number of members that I can seek help from. Further more, there is also the DoItYourself DVD, it helps a lot on our home improvement projects. Weatherize your home together with

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