Effort & Hard Work…

Hmmmm… My effort and hard work has been recognised by the company, therefore, they are offering me the full time role. So, what do you think I should do? CELEBRATE man!!! How to celebrate? SHOPPING of course!!

Ok, I think I should buy myself a nicer bag to work as a full time employee… *muahahahahahhahahahahahha* I know it’s a pretty lame excuse to buy more bags, but… Although it is LAME, it is still a REASON, right?

Any suggestion? I am looking for a… Bag that can fit my phones, wallets and most importantly LUNCH BOX!! And, I want something like a TOTE, hand held, not a shoulder bag… Erm, also something SIMPLE, not colorful, not too many chains… Can bring to work, can bring to shopping, not too FORMAL, not too CASUAL… Most importantly, not too EXPENSIVE!! As I said, my pay is now lower, so I can’t afford expensive bags… =(

Probably someone is going to tell me to CUSTOM MAKE one…

I still will try my luck… =P

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when comes to bag, sure need to ‘consult’ me 1st mar…
I saw a very ‘zheng’ bag in Melb till now I’m so much regret that I should have bought it when i was there..damn
It is a leather tote by Fossil, and most importantly, it can fit all ur stuff inside, with its multi-compartment~
the point is, it is a ‘lil bit’ pricey…(but still better than ur LV)
*dun slap me again pls!

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