Lost Day…

damn it… i have to be in this damn Werribee campus for my replacement class as i have missed the first class… fine fine fine… and i thought of asking someone to accompany me to this wonder place, as i really dont know where it is… BUT then, thanks to all my nice and kind SO CALLED friends… NONE wanna accompany me… alright, it’s not their faults then, i actually have to learn to be more independent than ever…

oh my god, it’s freaking far man!!! i actually timed the journey, i was on the train for 41 minutes, just imagine the only scene i had along the journey was TREES, TREES, and also TREES!! and this lady on the train was really WEIRD i can say, she was sleeping all the way long, then she suddenly woke up when it’s almost reaching, and she stood up, AND she continued to sleep while she was standing by closing her eyes with the body slowly bending down… COOL man!!!

oh yea, finally reached this horrible place, Hoppers Crossing… my lecturer told me that the campus is just 5 minutes walking distance from the train station, so i should have seen the campus from the station… but no… i couldnt see it… so i went to ask ask ask… and what the heck, it was raining!!! finally i got my way… damn it, and i timed again!! it’s 16 minutes, damn lecturer!! what the… so damn lost… my phone was out of coverage somemore… there were hundreds of SHEEPS as well… how RURAL is this man!! *fainted*

after time of asking for the direction to VU, asking for the direction to auditorium… and then finally i found the auditorium, and i saw a chinese woman inside, i was so damn happy, at least, my first chinese lecturer!! so i went in… *WOW* there were less than 30 students in the lecture man!! and… this lecturer… i really couldnt understand her words, arrrghh… i think i really gotta sign in the tutorial group on wednesday’s 9am in the morning for my aussie lecturer, just to get rid of this chinese lecturer… sadz weik… after the lecture, i still had to ask ask ask for the tutorial room and also for the TOILET!!! wahlao… SO DAMN FARKING LOST!!!!!!!!

alright, after everything, i gotta walk back to train station again… and again a super long journey back to the city… by that time, i was freaking hungry and sad and angry, everything came to me at the same time… i was recalling my day from the morning till then on the train… and then my tears started to roll in my eyes, i couldnt stop it… i really felt so down… i didnt wanna go home after that, so i asked my cousin to go for a late lunch with me, after that went to have hot chocolate, and then i went to crown with cheryl… as long as i no need to go home…

finally i am now back at home, it’s almost 11pm… good time, as i really dont know how to face it… i am trully disappointed… luckily i have another meeting to attend tomorrow… cool!!! and now… i know what to do… coz i still dont like to stay at home, yea, clubbing is the best thing to do on friday’s night… but… hopefully i can get up on time for tomorrow’s meeting man… =)

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wat a adventurous trip 2 class….this is fun ok shouldnt feel sad about it man….if i m u i will feel excited!!!y??cxz i like 2 explore ok nvm maybe u r juz a small little gal!!!ahhahaha!!!there is nth 2 feel sad lo….i feel great when i got chance 2 take bus(theres where i can calm down my mind n think something yeah…), i feel extremely happy when i can walk under a rain(dont u feel so fresh cxz the rain splash on u n wash away everything…..wao) life is fun when u know how 2 enjoy ur life!!!!okay……???roll babe…..dun go 2 much clubbing lo bad for health, although i go everynight in this holiday!!!ahahaha

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