Happy… =)

hehehe… sorrie people for the previous EMOTIONAL BLOG!!

yeap, i am here to tell everyone a good news!! that is… *deng deng deng deng* I AM SO HAPPY… wahahahaha~ but dont ask me WHY, as i dont really know… but i have a few MAYBES… =P

maybe 1… i went to CHOM CHOM to resign edi just now!! yea yea yea, finally, and i guess i am a little released now! i am not going to be fired!! as i fired them edi!! so sad that they sacked another girl just now! it’s so stoopid to fire people for NO reason and they fire people everyday!! ahah… one day, there will be ZERO workers!! ngekngek…

maybe 2… erm, i always feel happy when i work in Laksa King, customers are all nice and they love the food there!! yeap, they serve good food, and customers are always happy with it, so they always tell me how lovely it is, how wonderful it is… *woow* i LOVE this feeling, although i dont own the shop, i am happy as i serve good food to people and people are happy, and i am happy too!! =) then then then, today so funny, there were a few customers THREW money to me!! ahah, NOLAR, they didnt throw ler, but then when they paid, they grabbed so many coins and gave it to me, and of coz, those were tips!! yea yea yea~~~ so happy…

maybe 3… coz of my TA TA!! ahaha… coz of her, i had been so busy these days!! and i had her to accompany me, so i didnt feel bored! so that i didnt stay at home alone whole day! so that i had someone to talk to! cool yea… but… have you noticed that our days and nights were all filled with FOODS AND DRINKS~?!?~! *shiiiiaat* it’s fattening!!! how am i supposed to go home with this PIGGIE look! *doinkz*

maybe 4… i guess i am much better when i think of someone!! i dont feel that bad anymore… =)

sharing these pics taken… yesterday! are we lame? my TA TA and i… and she said that she’s CUTE!!! she is yea… me TOO!! wahahahaha~

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weee…the cloudy skies are blown by the wind…and the sun shines again..RAWR!!! ops…this aint a war movie…er…see u do have buddies…n *ahem* some1 to think of eh?*points at maybe 4* see….ur previous blog was a fraud!!! can i sue u for this and make u sad again? =) anyways…sien can alway pm me…im like this lifeless geek tak geek online.

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