Laksa King~~

hmm… every saturday is my last working day in a week, so i get paid every saturday… today i got paid again, but i took away quite a lot of food back home… and i also asked one of my colleagues, Kristine along to eat together with cheryl, alice and i… and man, we couldnt finish and i am so damn full~~~!! *shiat* hey, i am supposed to go on diet man!! *arrrghzzz* and CHOCOLATES also, i am having a sore throat now, over consumed of chocolates is heaty… and FATTENING too~~ goossshzzz

ok… let’s talk about work today, it’s very funnie that this customer told me that she wanted a CHICKEN head noodle, my reaction was like “HUH?” hahaha… yea, she actually wanted to say FISH head noodle… it’s funnie lar, ekkekeke~~ i wonder how would a CHICKEN HEAD NOODLE look like~~ ahahaha… then there was this table of people wanted to order desserts after some wine, most of them were actually QUITE OK, but there was a lady asked me for 23 scoops of ice cream… haha, everyone laughed and told me not to worry about her… damn funnie…

i think i have been working in laksa king for… erm… 2 months maybe? and i seldom say NO even when they call me up at 4pm asking me to work at 6pm… and actually told them that i gotta cut down my working hours, i want them to be AS LESS AS POSSIBLE… and i dont mind if not even a shift for me… as i am getting lazy now and must start to work hard for exam edi… but then, my work load for this week still the same, as they didnt have enough of people working… then i told them i stop everything from next week onwards, but then there are still shifts for me… *arrrghhhzz* but then i still help them as they dont have people to work…

then today my boss came to me and said Thankiew to me… kekekeke~ she told me that she appreciates me, and she is lucky to have me… *wooohooo* so lum man~~ eheheheeh…

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