Please judge…

Case 1:

a man, who is the only SON in the family and of coz his parents would like him to get married… but, he is already in his mid age and still doesnt wanna get married and he feels very annoyed when his parents, siblings keep asking him to get married… he keeps saying that he is very sad and he doesnt wanna be forced to do something that he doesnt like to do… and he thinks that it’s not time yet…
then, the parents and siblings are angry, disappointed, sad coz of this…
what would you do is you are the man? and what would you do if you are one of the the family members?

Case 2:

what’s the difference between:
i) A be with B ONLY if they can be forever…
ii) A be with B and doesnt care whether permenant or temporary…
iii) A only wanna be with B for the every next minute…

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case 1,
if i am the guy, BUTT OFF MY BACK!
if i am the family member, it’s his life and he’s happy being single, why bother?

case 2,
i) nothing in future is certain. A is insecure and selfish. if you don’t try, you’ll never know.
ii) let’s rephrase that to “A be with B for this right moment and work it out for future.” exact opposite of (i)
iii) don’t quite understand… -_-

lol…CacA…nice question here…. for case 1…
if for me ..i am going to look for a gf ..for myself…and not for my family….so….its nothing to do to family…if i am the family member…let him be ler….

case 2.
i)will they know they know it will forever? no one knows….dont think too far!!

ii)it consider playboy or puppy love?

iii)errrr..tats wat we want isnt it?next min can be forever…its unlimited…even in the grave we still have the next min running…..tats a perfect love? if A and B have the same thought….

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