Another Happy EATING Day…

today, puishan and i met up with veron in RMIT library and we thought of doing assignment there and i even carried my laptop along… but then… we ended up PICNIC there… *arrgghhh*

then we went to chinatown to walk walk and suddenly we saw this shop selling crystals, so we just walked in and took a look… who knows the boss asked us to go to her another shop to have a look as that shop has more variety… so then we shifted to another shop!! ahahahhaa… then all 3 of us and the boss started to talk talk talk about crystals for almost an hour man!!! we became ‘神婆’ and veron became a ‘神公’ i was so headache in choosing which one to buy, and finally i got my ‘紫砂晶’ and it helps with STUDIES!! yeap, i have been investing a lot in crystals for my studies, hopefully it works man~~ then we got a 8bucks discount coz we told the boss that we so FRIEND edi… ahhahaaha~~

after that, we thought of going dinner with Asling, but then she was still at BOXHILL having her hair cut… so we decided to have a cup of bubble milk tea while waiting… then after that we wanted to go to have korean bbq… then on the way there, there was this new japanese restaurant on our left… so then we decided to try it out!! kekekeek… the restaurant was cool, we had our own cube and we sat on TATAMI leh~~~ and we were the only customers there… wakakakakaka… then we kept PLAYING with the waiters there, damn funny, kept asking them to teach us japanese… then we started to converse in lame japanese and laughing all the way through… well, i had my first SALMON SASHIMI in life… actually i didnt wanna eat sashimi as i thought that it was disgusting, but then after listening to veron and puishan, i finally tried it out and HEY, it was good!! then we also had a hot pot of sukiyaki and another of shabushabu… we also had gyoza and deep fried agedashi tofu as well… a lot weik!!

*yumyum* supposed to go home after the dinner… BUT, raining wor… so… we went to this place ‘Welcome Strangers’ to have coffees and cakes… and meanwhile we also chucked a dollar each to bet for jackpots… we bought 4 tickets… and guess what!! we won A DOLLAR!! wakakkakaka… so meaning we won 25cents each!! *lamezzz* but then we used up that dollar for another game and lost it… it’s easier to give each person 25cents… =P

hehhehehe… so basically, this is my EATING day… been eating since day time till night time and still eating sour plums at home… *gosssssssshhhzz*

my 3 crystals bracelets and look at my NEW one, the middle one… can you see something shining like gold dust in there? chun eh…?

my pink heart shaped crystal sleeping on my purple crystal rock…

7 replies on “Another Happy EATING Day…”

recharge…..??? a stone that shine can be recharged…..izit recharging the energy within???so confuse??? then my diamond ear ring can be recharged too……izit the same theory applied???
BTW ur life in AUS is really intrested and excited……enjoyin’ like there is no 2molo…..

hmmm… crystals need to be recharged one, so that can power up the energy… then once in a while we have to wash them with water, the more natural the better… then put them under the moon or the sun…
oh well… where got enjoying ooorrrhh… i struggling lar… ahduh~

strugglin’ in what kinda way??? make eatin’ a act to releast the STRESS??? havin’ fun in what u r doin’ is strugglin’ then i rather doin’ nothin’ at all… least u got all the support u needed from all source……so confused…

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