Crazie Shoppers…

ok… follow me… 3G PEOPLE ARE CRAZY!!

yes, 3G, meaning my house… 3G people means people living in it… so we are all CRAZY!! we are crazy in everything… eating, drUnking, playing… and SHOPPING…!!!

today while all of us were at home STUDYING, then suddenly i found this NEWS from a RELIABLE SOURCE… the 4 Magic Words!!!! so then being a CARING housemate, i shared this news with all my housemates… and then they replied me with a VERY QUICK 2 Magic Words

4 Magic Words —> GUCCI IS ON SALE!!!
2 Magic Words —> LET’S GO!!!

and we were all ready in less than 10 mins and we were off to the city… *yoohoooo*

but damn it!! what kinda sale man, this one out of stock that one sold out… ahduh~~~ and i saw this coin purse, but it’s NOT on sale!! *WTF* didnt buy, but still considering… kekekeke… then we headed to ralph lauren to check out the sale AGAIN… saw a pink polo-tee with aqua pony, and another one baby blue polo-tee with pink pony *SWEEEEEEEEET* but damn AGAIN!! it’s NOT ON SALE!! but the men’s are on sale!! *WHY WHY WHY* madness…

i am sad… but well, hopefully that gucci sale in kl has something that i am looking for… so that i can have someone to bring it back for me!! lalallalalalala~~ *hope hope hope*

OK!! STARDEE!! duh~

8 replies on “Crazie Shoppers…”

haha gucci sales started on the 11th!!! i didnt u wanted something from there….lolz…..well if u want more range….try sydney 😛 i’m goin to sydney in 2 weeks….need anything??hahahahahah

good luck for ur papers (,”)

hayanna… help me to check them out yea… wakakka…

leeli… hahaha… you going to sydney AGAIN!!! argghh… well, shopping is not about wanting anything… but checking anything that is interesting… wakkakakakakak…
thankx muackx…

aikz.. i thought of going for gucci sales also.. but heard nothing much. so can stop dreaming of buying one-dee~ heheh anyway polo T uh? I want also!! cause my old ones all like ‘wey’ jor.. loose liao!!

ericca, talking to me ar? mine isnt ralph lauren la.. those cheap brand like hang ten all that only. no pony one =(

by the way good luck for your exam! hehe

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