I’m Invisible…

it’s not the first time… it’s not the first time being an invisible person in the house… and god knows what’s the reason…

i dont know WHY everyone knows about something but not ME!!! and they always THOUGHT that i know, so that they never thought of telling me… i wonder… did i install SPYCAMS all over in the house… or i am just like an ET that could FEEL anything that is happening…?

i remember that i usually tell or ask everyone about any up coming plan… but… i am always the one being left out… do i look like that i am so damn INDEPENDENT…? or am i a tiny small lil ant that people cant notice my existence…? or am i the very ugly one that they dont even wanna see me…?

it’s really funny when one came to ask me ‘you are not going?’… and i got shocked like GOING WHERE!! i didnt even know what’s going on when i saw everyone already ready to go!! oh and yes, even JEFF was ready to go as well… 5 of them… and i guess the reason must be… the car can only fit 5… i bet i am out of the OFFICIAL family members, macy and jeff are the ones…

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take it easy, lil princess…..angry on somebody’s fault is meaningless…u may juz make a fool out of urselves…..y dun u tell him properly ( face to face) that u hate ppl to disturb ur things.
remember and ensure to lock ur door if u wanna change next time. =P
take care and let it be!!!

feel so sad for you.. i know how it feels like. suddenly you’re just not important.. nobody cares like that.

but i see things get better in your latest entry 😉

cheer up!

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