i received this sms “listen to 98.8fm now” this evening from WJ… so then i QUICKLY opened my internet browser and went to *for SOME OUTDATED FELLA out there, this is the website, never ever think that i LIE, ok* it was this song “ERICA” by 側田 was played on it…

hahahahhaa… thankx WJ, so sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet of you… *luplup*

i have been searching up and down for the mp3, but i havent found it, can someone tell me where to get it ar? i wanna save it as my ringtone… kekekekekekekek… =P *THANKIEW ZHANSHEN… muacks… thankx for the song!!!!*

well… this is the 2nd song titled “ERICA” that i have heard of… the first one was… LONG LONG TIME AGO… 3 years ago i think, there was this guy, K he composed me a song and named it “ERICA”… he sang it together with playing with his guitar and recorded it as well… but, too bad that i saved it in my OLD OLD computer and it is now somewhere far far away…

Erica by 側田

oh Erica 知你其實想找一個水泡救生嗎
oh baby Erica 跟我同渡相處一晝不會拒絕嗎

然後送你歸家 所有這些把戲情侶都會嗎
* oh awww 喜歡我嗎 喜不喜歡都應使你感動嗎

單戀他得意嗎 oh baby love 懂得愛嗎
身邊有我並未夠你選擇嗎 *
oh oh baby Erica
erica oh erica 別痛惜他
oh Erica 多麼想講跟我繼續一直遊戲吧
oh baby Erica 其實忘掉如何被愛都會快樂嗎
你快樂了 別忘記閣下
你暫時愛我嗎 我問你問到令你良心會化
Repeat *
oh…oh baby Erica ………
oh baby Erica
oh baby Erica

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