a BIGBIG muacks to Veron… kekekeke… because of him… MaGiC-board is now ALIVE!! wooohoooo~~~

if you are here long enough, you would have noticed that the tag board was missing for a long time… because there were too many SPAMS in the tag board with viagra ads, drugs ads, casino ads… blablabla… and thus, i was forced to delete it as i dont know how to overcome this problem…

but… HEY!! veron is the man~~ hahahahaha… thankiew again *bow*

anyway, in order to make it a SPAM-ADS-FREE board, i have to make it only available to members… so, members, you can spam anything that you like, but not viagra, drugs, casino and so and so… non-members, just register yourself a MaGiC-account and start spamming… =)


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