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was supposed to go to zouk fot paul van dyke tonight… but then i went shopping wiht mommie in mid valley and got home around 10pm… while my friends already left…

so i thought i would have to be alone doing nothing at home… who knows this friend msged me about LIFE, then we started the chat from there… then slowl4]3

p/s: the content above was typed by me last night after i came back from Loft with a not-so-steady-mind… and me myself dont even know what is that… what the hell talked about LIFE huh…? with whom huh…? i think i fell asleep after that ‘slowl4]3’… and then i remember i read enson’s sms… but then… i didnt reply… damn!! too sleepy… it was already 430am… and i woke up at 8am for classes ok… cannot blame… =)

ok, let’s start again… i went to mid valley with mom after class yesterday, it was my FIRST TIME driving to mid valley, and it’s damn irritating…!! i took like 30mins to find a NON-PARKING space and WHO CARES lar!! just park only lar!! =P from 2pm we shopped until 9pm… bugger, damn tiring ok… my plan was supposed to buy some formal clothes for myself, but then shopping with mom is a NONONO, she kinda pissed me off man…!! so i didnt buy any… *grrrrrrrrrrrr*

so then we went to have sushi king!! since i was not happy that time, i decided to eat eat eat until i syiok~~ 5 of us, jehaw, my brothers, mom and i… the bill was 160bucks for TEA-TIME only… me myself alone i ate edi around 40bucks i think… i got a scallop chawanmushi, 2 sets of sashimi, 1 set of tempura, 1 orange jelly *this sucks ok*… so this is why dont make me angry!! i will just eat non-stop… i guess i have been angry all the time lar, so that’s why i am so OVER SIZED now!! ahhahahahahaha…

oh well, yea, planned to go harvey’s open house, planned to go zouk, planned to go loft, planned to go hard rock, planned to go halo cafe, planned to go to someone’s house for gambling session… but then… ended up went to halo cafe with siew kong, jimmy, saihoe and some people… then for a while, saihoe and i decided to join enson to go loft… so went home to take clothes and then became SAILORMOON…

first time to loft, the feeling was not bad, hmmm… the place is ok… and yea, the gang was cool man!! a few of them damn cool, especially the girl, chris i think… and also the… brisbane guy… and also the pink polo guy… HAHHAHAHA… i forgot their names lar… oh yea, there was this girl, i thought she is just a 20+ lil college girl… and who knows… i was told that she is married with 2 kids… the husband was there too… and she drove a white lexus altezza… *WTF*

and then this idiot enson was damn funny… he said he would buy me a lollipop, but he didnt… so i kept telling him NLNT *no lollipop no talk*… so then he disappeared to dont know where to get SOMETHING back… he got a bubble gum, a chewing gum and a mentos… *grrrrrrrrrrr* still no lollipop lor!! nah, the no-lollipop-fight went on whole night long, but it’s damn funny lar… HAHAHAHHAHA~

then on the way back got road block… then i quickly put on my t-shirt… and then acted damn sober… and yeay, our fake soberness saved us… else… sure kena edi one… *woohoooo*

yeay, the night was awesome… thankx people!! =)

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next time you should accidently take photo coz you said it but we do not know what u mean eh.. but of coz your picture shouldn’t been left out. Want to see your picture more.

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