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habĀ·it (hbt)

1. A recurrent, often unconscious, pattern of behavior that is acquired through frequent repetition.

hmmm… i am feeling uneasy when you dont appear in my daily life… it’s like… there is something missing in life… it’s like expected that you would appear everyday, as it’s already been repeatedly for quite some time… and it has become a habit to have something about you everyday… today… i didnt have anything of you for one whole 24 hours, i had been checking my phone whether it’s functioning properly… i felt so strange today, nobody asked me what i doing there, nobody called me a pig… i told myself ‘so what, he has his own life’… true… i tried not to bother… but then later it led to worries… i decided to make sure that you were alright… yea, you were… probably, you think that it’s time to change this habit… and also, i think i need to change this habit as well… what kinda nonsense habit is this man!! grrrrrrrrrrrrr…

it’s time to get back to the normal life…


*arrghhh* he is back!! he is back to the usual one who calls me ‘eh pig’ and asking me ‘what you doing la’… but… i was very frustrated with it, i dont want this kinda habit!! and i got so mad when he didnt reply after knowing what i was doing… damn stupid right, it’s like just wanna know what i doing… what the heck point is this!!! siaozzzzzzzz!!

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