Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday to YOU,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY yea!! another piscean in my circle of friends… let’s count the number of days that we got to know each other… hahaha, you count, i dont dare to count =P but i guess i dont need a long time to get to know you more, just because that you are a PISCEAN!! ahahhaha… we are more or less the same…!! hmmm… somehow, i hope to know you more, you sound like one who has many things hidden in the deepest side of your heart… i hope that i can share… and maybe, i can find something about myself through you… =)

26 edi wor… how? big MAN edi huh!! *hehe* but still as manja as a lil boy… =P i will sayang you more… okie~~~ *muacks* and, although the birthday present wasnt that GOOD, at least, i did give you a present yea… kekekekeke… =) and dont use your guitar to bully me ar!! i know i like people playing guitar, but dont think that your guitar can do MAGIC huh… =P

lastly, Happy 26th Birthday =)

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