Miserable Moments…

i am feeling so miserable lately… so many things running in my mind… and i dont know how… haiihzzzz…

first, jobs… i wanna quit my current job, but i havent had a job yet… the accounting firm is not replying me properly, they treat me like their clients, always dont do things efficiently… and my current boss actually asked if i wanna work full time for them and be a storeS manager when the other 2 shops are opened… managing 3 shops… sounds cool huh… but… i dont think they will pay me good… and, i really hope to change my working environment, instead of customer service all the time… and the uncle smoke zone beside my shop also asking if i am interested in working at his shop… MAAAAAAAAAAAAA~~~ i like him, he is nice… but i think i shouldnt… haihzzz…

second, my dumb ass PR application status has never been updated AT ALL!! even not updating the documents that i already sent in, i am worried that they havent received my documents yet, and i will have to send in AGAIN!! what if they have lost my MEDICAL REPORT? so i have to do it again? *WTF* the worst thing is, i have NO WAY to find out!! shiatzzzz… they are not replying my emails… *grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr*

third, mom dad popo and auntie coming SOON, VERY SOON… but i still have no idea where to bring them to… and i still dont know whether i should EXPOSE babybendan or not… *haiihzzz* it’s not that i dont want to, but i am just scared that… if… negative results coming out… haiihzzz… worse, his mom already offered to invite them to go for dinner and even wanna bring them around… *SWEAT*

fourth, there is this delivery guy that delivers things to the shopping mall that i am working at always talks to me and asked me out last week but i didnt go… he even said that he likes me… and today, he bought me a cup of juice, i felt dizzy after drinking… i was thinking… did he add in something? or just because that i didnt eat enough of food… i think i have been thinking too much… and… babybendan doesnt like him… he doesnt like me talking to him… but i already tried my best to avoid… i cant stop him from entering the shopping mall… i cant stop him from talking to me as well… i always pretend to be busy when he is there already… and i already told him that i have a bf, he even asked me to bring him out together… haiihzzzz…

my invitation letter…

am i thinking too much?


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first, quit the job..find another job, but no uncle smoke zone… second,probably they lost ur documents…so u hav to come bck soon. third, hide babyben. fourth, avoid the delivery guy…tell him ur les…!

erm… if i quit the job now, then i have no income wor… then eat grass ar? 2nd, dont scare me lar, i know you miss me very much… 3rd, why hide leh? 4th, HAHAHAHHAHA… he wont believe one wor…

zs, why sounds so BIG DEAL one?

first-follow ur guts!!
2nd-follow up with the related department;
3rd-tell the whole truth, they will no sooner or later~~!!
4th-seek the answer deep inside ur heart!!!
good luck gal

my current boss actually asked if i wanna work full time for them and be a storeS manager when the other 2 shops are opened

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