was reading Zoe‘s blog… OMG this girl has been shopping NON STOP ever since she arrived in US… and that makes me so SAD…! when was the last time that i REALLY went shopping… i think it was like LONG LONG LONG time ago… i think i already forgotten about the feeling… ish…

been working so hard recently… no time to shop at all… maybe sometimes ACCIDENTALLY passing by some shops and have a browse and ACCIDENTALLY found one or two things to buy… most of the people who know me, should know that i am WAYYYYYYYYYY too fussy and really hard to buy things… i am always complaining about SOMETHING… the color, the size, the material, the price, the sleeves, the collar, the lining… *haiihhhzzz*

and further more… the MAIN reason for me being not able to buy clothes is… I AM TOO FAT LAR!! duhhhhhhh… i seriously wanna lose some weight before the summer comes!! *i know, i know i have been saying this before every summer* but damn it… i really WISH… so that i cant buy anything YET…


2 replies on “What is SHOPPING?”

hahaha so funny. i just randomly pop in to check a bit. eh don’t say like this la. i also shop almost like this back home mer. 😉

besides i need all that winter clothing la~ after that will stop already (i guess.) 🙁

i’ve said before but i’ll say it again… you’re not fat la!

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