I finally bought myself a pair of PROPER sunnies when I was back in KL… I was so sick of those fashionable-but-sucks-sunnies… They are just a waste of money, because when you have them, you think that “Aiya, so cheap only, who cares lar” then you can’t be bothered to take good care of them… Because “Scratched edi? Throw lar, get another one”… And also the lens actually make me DIZZY… They are just some BIMBO sunnies, only looking good…

I had a hard time finding the right one, some are too big some are too small some are too expensive some colors I don’t like… *BAH* In the end also I bought one that I “NOT QUITE” like… I liked the shape and the size, big enough to block all lights from coming into my eyes… I liked the plastic frame, they are more durable… I liked the price… BUT, I didn’t like the LENS!! It’s too REFLECTIVE!! Damn lala weik!! The sales person actually told me that she could get it changed for me, but it wouldn’t be Gucci lens anymore… I decided to stick to the original lens…

But recently, I STARTED to LURVEEEEEEEEE my sunnies so much!!! Why?

Can you see my eyes?

SO GREAT!! I wore my sunnies while I was on the way to work and I was sleeping behind them!! Wooohooo~~~ Nobody can tell that I was actually sleeping *If I sleep nicely lar, not with the head spinning around and saliva dripping of course*… And guess what, I can now check people out happily!! wakakakakkakakakakaka… I don’t have to worry that people know that I actually looking at them, I can EXAMINE them as much as I want…!!

YEAY!! I love my sunnies!!

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lol…you with those shades on reminds me of those japanese children’s tv series…masked rider x, gaban and co. …….lol

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