Miserable Work…

I am feeling so miserable at work… nevertheless, the work and the people are all good, everything is fine… Just that, I am feeling INSECURED… Because, I am feeling that I haven’t been CONFIRMED? I thought I was supposed to have some sort of contract between us, so that I would know what’s actually going on…

But, I have asked so many times, and what I got was “soon”… But till now, it’s been 1+ month… I am sort of LAZY to ask anymore… I wasn’t even told how much exactly I am getting paid until I got my first pay… Even about my current position, I had to ask for it and then I didn’t get the right answer, as I was told to call myself whatever I want… Till it appeared on the pay advise, then I knew… Like, I had no idea when am I supposed to get paid, till I asked today… Then I knew I was SUPPOSED to get paid today… *pengsan*

About job scope, I am all fine with it, as I don’t mind doing ANYTHING at all… It’s a part of my learning process, the more I do, the better I will become FOR SURE!!

No contract = No R&R… Meaning WE can do whatever we want? Even they can just fire me in the morning and ask me to leave in 10 mins? Or I can just walk in and say “BYE I AM LEAVING” and leave like that?

Will I have a future here?

God knows…

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ouch, i know it must sound teasing to you but its true. i seldom check blogs and i check guy’s blog with one exception of the her. [you know who]

but most of these cases i believe we have chatted before in msn. regarding your case, i dont have a contract signed with my boss too although im not too much of reliant on his job, it’s a steady income. anyway, for places like you, you should have a contract inked down to protect your interest especially you have rental, utilities bill and daily expenses out of your pocket. i guess it would be a good idea to convey your boss of the concerns that you have got. but truthfully, if you read den’s blog of my comment, you should know what you need to do. think about what happens:

1. (and most important) what happen if you decided to assert pressure to your boss to get a contract signed, black and white. how would it change your prospect and vise verse without it. then… think of 2.
2. you quit the job now for you think it has no future, what are your next route, how soon can you get another job?
3. always remember this, your boss hire you to solve issue for him, don’t create issue for him. likewise, if you have no particular talent that he can use of or to contra his weakness, time to pack bag. because you’ve got no bargaining power. make sure your boss rely on you on certain things. that’s your value and that value creates retention.

cheers gal! msg me in msn… i read blogs once in a blue moon. oh btw, i dont get comments from you 😛

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