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Do you like to chat on the phone? Do you like to save money? If you answer YES to the above questions, you need PINGO, the prepaid calling card provider! Do you have family or friends overseas? Pingo has International rechargeable phone cards too!!

WOW!! Let’s check out the Australia calling card rates, the United Kingdom calling card rates, and the US calling card rates!! From Malaysia to Australia is only RM0.30 per minute!! Call me!! From UK to Australia is ONLY RM0.15 per minute!! Some people out there will have to call me now!! What’s more when you can get FREE $5 credits when you sign up!! FREE CALLS!! What are you waiting for?

Another thing is, Mother’s Day is now over, so soon it will be Father’s Day, right? For those who are not living with your father, and won’t be able to be back at home on this special day, you seriously need PINGO!! Because they are having a promotion called $10 in Free Fathers Day Calls!! Sign up now and get $10 off!!

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