Last Day at THI…

Today was my OFFICIAL last day at The Hip Infant *Free advertising: CHECK IT OUT!! They have SO CUTE stuffs in there!!* Vist the

Oh well, but I had my WORST last day, I had to work alone at night. It was my FIRST and LAST night working alone at night, as normally there would be Andy or Tamara there with me, but tonight ALL GONE!!

If you know me, you know that I am afraid of being alone. I feel sad and SCARED. I feel lonely, and scared of GHOST. I don’t shower when nobody at home, I don’t like to go home when nobody at home, I don’t go to public toilet alone, I don’t eat out alone, I don’t go to toilet/shower in hotel alone… So, I was SO SO SO depressed tonight.

I was crying while working. BB Bendan called me, but I couldn’t talk to him much as I needed to speed up so that I could leave earlier. But when I tried to speed up, all the boxes in that TINY room blocked my way, and they kept hurting me!! I almost fell down from the ladder as there wasn’t enough room to stand the ladder properly!! And when I started IMAGINING myself falling down from the ladder, and nobody would know, I would probably die there, I cried even harder. Then, when I thought of myself walking on the street alone after work, waiting for the train in the dark, and got home with nobody at home as my cousins gone out for dinner… I cried even harder and harder…

After everything, FINALLY I left… And when I started to IMAGINE *again* myself walking on the street crying, thinking of WHY I had to walk like that alone on a COLD WINTER NIGHT, and people would look at me… I decided to take a TAXI home!! The best part was, BB Bendan paying for it =D

I will miss that place for sure…

Anyway, there was something LIL happy for me today!! I went to GUCCI SALE today, and bought myself a bag =) Was supposed to wait for my FIRST pay to celebrate it, but I couldn’t wait nomore, I had to FIGHT for the sale items. Maybe I can get something else with the pay another time… *grinz*

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