*yeay* I finally got my FURRY JACKET!! *wooohoooo*

So soft, so warm, so nice to touch, so cute, so… IN LOVE!! =)

I got so crazy after buying it… *HEHE* So scared to wear to have hot pot, as it would be SMELLY!! So scared to go under the rain… So worried about my new SHEEP SHEEP JACKET =)

Now, I don’t have to looking at some girls’ furry jackets anymore!! Because I PROUDLY OWN ONE!! *lalallalalalalalala~~~*

I am a SHEEP *meh meh meh*

I love my jacket~~~~~ *muacks*

Anyway, a lot of people have been giving NEGATIVE comments on my cute lil new jacket, BUT I DON’T CARE!! *hmph*

6 replies on “FUR FUR FUR~~~~~”

bobo, you dont need lar, too warm for you =P

tiger daddy, i think you can wear my size… HAHAHHAHA… i pinjam you when i am back ok!!

i want tooooo! how much? where? when???
i m hunting for jacket – got a knitting one with furry hood from DFO but i still want moreeee jacket lol…. if i dun keep shopping i will go siaooooo with my work =D

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