Japanese Buffet!!

*yeay* Getting REALLY excited, because I am going for my FIRST Japanese Buffet in MELBOURNE!! And, my godz, it is something like a SURPRISE, because I have never heard of the place, and never heard of ANY review or comment about it, only one word in my mind TRY!! And the scariest part is, when it is ONLY AUD25!! Damn, I really don’t know how good can that be… *sweat*

But, I am happy because this is a LAI MENG gathering again!! It’s also some sort of celebrationS for AiWei’s birthday, HaeSim’s completion of her CPA, SuYin’s finally found a new place to move to, YeeKhoon and I finally found a JOB… So yea, it WILL BE FUN!!

I am ready to go… in… 1 hour =P

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