TEMT is so cool!! It is a BRAND for clothing, I am not sure where this brand come from, but it is made in China. By the way, I am in love with it now!! Because it is so CHEAP AND NICE!! I mean nice as in, the designs are alright. I don’t hope much on the quality, because I know how much I am paying. You don’t expect for the best when you are paying just a little.

For me, I want VARIETY!! I don’t care about your quality, as long as I have NEW CLOTHES everyday!! Wooohoooo~~~ If you tell me cheap clothings won’t last, so what!! Broken? THROW only lar!!! Because it is cheap!! You can’t be bothered thinking twice whether to keep it or to get rid of it when it has been worn out…

SO GOOD YOU TEMT!! *muacks*

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