NACC Dinner…

It’s time to blog about my FIRST company dinner. It’s the NACC *National Advisers Contact Centre* Dinner held in Brisbane, so all of the NACC people flew from all states to Brisbane for the celebration. We were there to celebrate that Macquarie won the ASSIRT award AGAIN, 5 years in a row, well done!

Therefore, we could all fly to Brisbane for free hotel, free dinner and free flights, free taxi services just for the night.

Saw this when I was on the way to the airport. There was this touch screen on the taxi where you can read news, and I saw Macquarie’s news, Macquarie is taking over some internet cafe chain.

I like the theme, MAS *Macquarie Adviser Services* in 5 years time, 2012. I like the “outer space” feeling, travel to the future. We had the “planet” thing on every table.

And also all these shinning little stars on the table…

The menu of the night…

My work partner Luna, my team leader Helen, and I.

*Part of* The Melbourne girls, Celeste, Fiona, Cheree, Luna and I. I learn not to stand beside someone who is 175cm =(

Some random girl saw us taking pictures, and she wanted to take one too. I don’t know who she is though.

My best, one and only work partner. We joined the company together, we speak the Mandarin, we eat together, we do the same job… We are named as “Ericca and Luna” or “Luna and Ericca”, because people usually talk about US, not individually. We are TWINS! One FAT, one THIN.

In the end, MOST of the people were drunk because of the free flow of wine. And, there was this girl SO SO SO drunk till she threw up… Into… The TROPHY that her team won, the trophy became her BOWL…

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Sorry, not me… In fact, I didn’t even drink that much that night… All WINES only, I don’t know how to APPRECIATE those things weh…

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