Japanese Retreat…

WOW, it’s been quite some time since my last update. Well, it was BabyBendan’s 25th birthday last Friday, we went to have a seafood dinner at LiveBait. And then, we headed to Dandenong for a 2 nights holiday. It’s at Japanese Mountain Retreat.

Well, it was 780bucks per couple for 2 nights, 2 dinners and some snacks provided. There were eggs, milk, juice, bacon, chocolate and more given to us. It was a really nice place for relaxing, a getaway.

Our bathroom with nice view, the spa was really huge and deep.

Our bed.

The dining corner on the left, with the breakfast corner at the outside.

The back garden with a pond, and also the Balinese Retreat on the far right. The Balinese one was really good, 999bucks per night per couple. I wished I could afford that.

The very fully equipped kitchen.

A very tiny refrigerator, but filled with food. =)

Very yummy Japanese dinner.

Happy BabyBendan with his dinner.

The Japanese chick wanna-be Ericca with her dinner.

Do we look like Japanese in Japanese robe?

Well, it was actually a good place to relax, so that there wasn’t anything for us to do… Thank God that we brought laptop there, so, we had a MOVIE-MARATHON, we kept watching movies non-stop.

But, we ran out of movies the next day. BabyBendan was happily reading his Harry Potter while… I was super happily playing computer games, the Treasure of The Deep. And guess what…

I finished all 113 levels in 4+ hours. VICTORY!!!


Then, the next day we went to GEELONG, yes GEELONG, to have my Hazard Perception Test in order to get my Victorian Driver’s License. That’s the only I could go because it was a public holiday in Melbourne for the Melbourne Cup Day. I didn’t want to waste my day off, so… Luckily I passed… Thanks to BabyBendan for driving. *huggiez*

Now, looking forward the upcoming driving test on 27th December. I just can’t wait to drive LEGALLY!!

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