My Credit Card…

Proudly showing off MY new credit card, yes, it’s MINE MINE MINE!! I am the principal card holder!! *I am sorry if you have multiple cards yourself, but this is my first card, so please excuse me for being over excited*

Finally, I can have my own credit card!! Let me tell you why my Macquarie Bank RateSaver Card is better than my Citibank Platinum Card…

1. I now don’t owe explanation to anyone of WHY I spend this WHY I spend that.

2. I now have higher credit limit. AUD10K instead of the tiny RM3k that my parents give me.

3. I now have a CORRECT name on my card, ERICCA instead of ERICA.

4. I now can swipe swipe swipe swipe swipe… Until burst… And nobody knows. =P

I am planning to give my parents each a supplementary card with a credit limit of RM3k, then I will start asking them “Why you buy this ar”, “Why so expensive ar”, “Wah not your money then you no need to think ar”… FUWAH, SUPER SWEET WEH THIS REVENGE!!!

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