Stay or Leave…

As I mentioned before, I didn’t get my leave. And, I am now actually considering about changing job, for the reasons:

1. They are not nice enough to approve my leave, while I think most of the people actually get the leave that they want.

2. The pay is too low.

3. The role has no progression, I don’t think it will lead me to anywhere after 5 or 10 years. Yea, maybe I can be the team leader after 10 years.

I am thinking, maybe I should just work till January, and then resign and go for a long holiday, not too long, maybe 1 month for CNY. Then, look for another job again when I am back.

BUT, I think I haven’t found the job that I really want. I am interested in banking and finance, but not SALES, and I haven’t got any FORMAL qualifications to go for some professional roles.


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