I saw this today, from aud1050 down to aud750, really really tempted, because I like SALE!! And I like the lil bow, so cute… But, the size is somewhat too big for me… Also the color a bit similar to the one I have… Should I?

I really really like this one though… But not on sale… SAD!! I will wait, continue waiting for the next sale…

Or, I should just go for the one that I have been eying on…

And, I so wanna get this one too, SO CUTE!!!

OK… I am so confused now… I am so poor, I can only get one as I only can afford one… Or maybe one + the mini one… Which one should I get huh…? DAMN!!

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2nd one i know nice ler… but NO SALE wor!! damn em dai~~ no way!!

my darling, you go hug your bonia and sleep!! eh i think bonia a bit too old, you can try CARLO RINO… HAHAHHAHAHAHA

hahaha you know what! The 1st one was the one I nearly bought at HK… But I like the one in the off-white straps. Big la… but very nice! Can stuff everything in… And look good even you wear casual with heels or sneakers. But now I’m eyeing on another Gucci. No sales lo. =/ Sien.

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